Catherine and Sara stood near the table, located in the corner of a basement room with no windows. Only a few candles dimly lit room. The girls were holding glasses of red wine and talking quietly. Catherine was dressed all in black. Long, mylar above the knee boots with high heels, mylar above the elbow gloves, black closed swimsuit that not only tore the back and a leather jacket. A hat with a wide brim, very strict and thick make-up, with angled patterns. She looked a little predator, holding the second hand whip.
For Sarah it was bright red. High heel shoes, heels, thin stockings with lace elastic bands, lace panties, tummy tight constricting corset, which protruded from her large breasts and nylon gloves, also above the elbow. Sarah wore huge glasses like a turtle. Now her hair was in pigtails, at the base of which, adorned with two huge bow, like a schoolgirl. Neck and wrist girl belted leather collar and bracelets with long and sharp metal spikes. Through Sarah's nipples are threaded metal ring from which hung a lot of long chains of fifteen centimeters, and one chain sagging, connecting both nipples. On the waists of both girls were belts of the chains with a variety of rings.
In the opposite corner was completely naked, Tom, in chains and handcuffs, giving very little freedom of movement. He could dissolve the hands and feet for no more than twenty centimeters. It has a metal collar attached thick and long chain, chained to the center of the wall. With his hands down, Tom slavishly by looking at their mistresses and waiting for their fate. Those dismissive glances in his direction, smoked thin cigarettes and prigublyali to bright lips dyeing glasses of wine.
- And what do you think you can do that with him?
- With this you can do anything. He still endure. See how faithful he is.
- I was two days did not go to the toilet. Try to poop on it.
- ABOUT!!! I am happy to look at it. - Then turning to Him - Hey, you. Lie down on the floor, face up.
The boy obediently lay down on the cold concrete floor of the basement. Tsokaya heels, the girl approached.
- You're all ready to do for us, the pig? - Katherine slowly ran whip on Man face.
- Absolutely everything, Madame.
- Everything? - Katherine leaned to his face.
- Absolutely.
- Then do not obessud. - She slapped the guy a slap. - Begin Sarah. - Katherine lifted her head.
Sarah gracefully off her lace panties, lifting and bending your legs. She threw them on the member of the Man. After becoming the face of Tom, toward his feet, she began, bending your knees to squat. Tom framed under her buttocks two hands and helped her sit on your face. Sarah sat their recordkeeping directly to Tom's mouth. As soon as possible, Tom began to tongue licking the crotch of the girl. He introduced tongue deep into her vagina and played with his muscles. He took his lips clit, sucked it. Sarah, putting his hands on his chest and caressing their nipples, quickly excited and this finished, dangling into the mouth of Tom.
- Good boy. - She thanked the guy. - For this you will be rewarded. Open your mouth wider. I will fill his golden rain. Would you?
- I very much want lady.
Just getting up, Sarah with two fingers, spread themselves erotic sex lips and a thin stream, he began to write directly into the wide open mouth of Tom. The golden liquid splashing merrily murmuring and quickly filled the boy's mouth, and began to flow out of it on his face.
- Pei. Lively drink. - Commanded standing next to Katherine and painfully slapped Tom's stomach whip. Guy began to swallow urine Sarah, and she quickly disappeared into his throat.
- So you're all done. - Stop pissing Sarah, almost fell. - Now lick me all there. And the ass, too.
Language Tom began to lick the crotch of the girl. He held her hands half ass, not giving full sit on his face, and famously wielded tongue around ass holes. He fell down the hole to the lips and began to suck her, feeling out of it, something emerges. Tom long sucking mouth ass while touching the tip of the tongue holes. When the hole a little bit relaxed, Tom tried to insert language into it. He strongly strained language and slightly lowered his hands, allowing Sarah to sit at him stronger. Hardly moving his tongue, he made a Woman relax.
- Wow! - She said, exhaling deeply, Sarah, when Tom's tongue penetrated deep into her ass.
She felt circle holes, slowly moving the rough and thick tongue while licking the walls of the rectum. Sarah leer looked at Catherine and said:
- I guess it's time.
She began to push, forcing a piece of shit.
Tom Lang, raging in the ass Sarah suddenly stumbled on the tip of a warm, moving toward him and ejected its mass. Realizing that this shit, Tom became the language of push it back. Sarah began to push harder. Brown sausage, pushing out holes Man language began to get out of there. Tom raised his hands a little ass Sarah, while admiring Sarah slowly climbs out of a turd. Spin the nose, he inhaled the scent of shit, and were satisfied with its smell, he lowered himself on Sarah's face. He took the sausage sticking out of the ass lips and began to suck and lick her tongue, not Unscrambling lips.
Sarah enjoyed themselves squeezed out of feces, feeling like Tom eats it. He began his teeth to bite off pieces and chew them. Shit, dirtying his mouth and teeth, continued to move forward. Sarah Spreading hands buttocks ceased to shit.
- Lick me there all. That was neatly. - She commanded.
Tom carefully licked the ass of Sarah and her insides. When the girl got up and just walked away, over Tom stood up, legs wide apart, Catherine. Pushing aside her panties and pussy apart, it has also become piss urine falls on the guy's face. Splashed it all over the face and hairy chest, Catherine bent down and undid the handcuffs Tom:
- You can relax a little pig. - It brought together more saliva in the mouth, spat in his face.
Tom opened his arms in different directions. But not for long, he rested. Immediately on his hands, came Catherine, pressing the sharp heels of his hands to the floor. Tom gritted his teeth against the pain, but then got a whip in the balls.
- Did I hurt you bastard?
- No, madam, I am very well. - Tom was trying to hold back.
- Stand on his stomach Sarochka.
Carefully getting his shoes on the soft belly Man, Sarah gradually transferred to it its weight. If she was a little harder, she would probably have pierced Him stomach, so sharp was her heels. stood for a while, she began to stagnate in the stomach and chest guy who whined in pain and twitching with his hands pressed to the floor.
- Painfully. - Through clenched teeth guy.
- Hear Sarochka. He was hurt. Well it's mouth shut.
By understanding what to do, Sarah got off the chest and Tom, beating, began to rear Katherine, his slippers right on the guy's face. She was standing on the soles of his mouth, and heels on his forehead. Tom could not say anything. From the corner of his mouth, a thin stream of prikushennoy lip was bleeding.
Seeing that the boy calmed down, Sarah hugged Katherine back and clung to her. She kissed his lips turned girlfriend. While the girls kissed and played with his language, Tom lay motionless. Then I look Sarah fell on his penis.
- Speaking ... - She said to Catherine, - And we let him otobёm eggs.
- So do it. - Katherine grinned.
Sarah got off the face of Tom, and he sighed with relief. He did not know what was waiting for him. Sarah walked Man lying and became between his legs. It has become the tip of sharp-nosed shoes to play with eggs and soft member Tom. She pressed them stupnёy. He groaned. Katherine is not getting down with his hands, he turned and slapped the body with all the fluff lash him across the face:
- Shut up you bastard.
And Sarah has meanwhile pointed heel presses on the middle member. Were satisfied with the ... from left in it traces of her shoe, Sarah Catherine said:
- Let sit.
Katherine lost her hands of Tom, and he sat down. She brought his hand from behind his back and buttoned cuffs. While the guy was watching over his shoulder, what's going on behind him, he did not notice how his eggs lying on the floor, came Sarah. She became both the entire stupnёy, pushing with all his weight. Wild pain caused to turn Tom, and he tried to bite his teeth Sarah thigh, just at the level of her lace stockings. But it was not there. Knee second leg, Sarah with all the fluff drove him across the face, so that he had already showered sparks from his eyes. Standing behind him, Catherine, joined in the beating. She swiped toe Man kidneys. Then, on his back, he showered whip strokes.
Sarah pushed tuflёy Tom in the head and he fell to the floor.
- So much for gratitude dog. Look what udumal. Bite. Now we'll show you. - It has become a hit lying down.
- And let's fuck it. - He proposed to Catherine and came to the table, brought the two strap.
While the girls wore artificial members, Tom tried to sit up. Holding his hands behind his back, he still knelt. And immediately his mouth to Catherine brought her leg.
- Kiss bastard. - She ordered.
The boy obeyed. But this girl was not enough, and she said that he opened his mouth wider. When that was done, Katherine shoved into the mouth of Tom polstupni his boot. She tried to push more, but the boot will not climb into his mouth. Then she grabbed Tom's hair and pulled his mouth to sticking out strapon:
- Suck fucking asshole.
The boy began to suck dildo and Catherine holding his hair began to fuck his mouth. Tom stood behind Sara, powerfully punched in the balls foot guy knelt. She drove a fake phallus in the ass and Tom also began to fuck him.
Ostervenevshie girls finished almost simultaneously. He departed with orgasm rage drained. They smoked, flicking ashes into the open mouth of Tom lying on the floor unconscious.
- Good fun today.
- Not bad. And did you get a pretty hardy.
- Still would. You do not completely guess how. - Katherine extinguished a cigarette on Tom's hand.
- It would be more a torment and a girl. You have no one?
- There's a good bitch. I'll get it next time.
- Bitch? It's great. Maybe she Kobelkov this cause, that he fucked her?
- Good idea Sarochka. These are going to do next time.
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]
Although on Monday, there was no queue to see a doctor. Leroy knocked and entered the office without waiting for a response. Alexander Markovich, old therapist smiled his favorite patient:
- Hello, Lera, do throat again?
Lera affectionate relationship developed with the district. She liked this noble gray-haired old man in a spotless white coat with a stethoscope around his neck. She had noticed that it is a pleasure to face the doctor, when he puts the cold circle of the machine to her naked breasts. And the doctor answered her in return: "What are you beautiful, Lera!". Once Dr. Leroux stroked his chest, fingers almost touching the nipples. It was nice and panties once it became wet. So they have since then and has become a tradition: Lera ran to the doctor and Alexander Markovich examined her, each time ending with the inspection caresses Lerynyh young breasts, "Oh, Lera, to what do you sisechki good!".
Unconsciously wanting to please the old man, wearing a T-shirt today Lera directly to the skin, although from a doctor she really needed was a reference to the pool.
- Hello, Alexander Markovich, I refer.
- Of course - with some sadness the doctor said, standing up from the table - I'm going to retire.
Leroy did not know what to answer, I went to the doctor, her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.
- How can I do without you?
- Yes, I'm not dying - the doctor laughed and looked seriously Leray in person - I want to caress you goodbye.
Lera panties became wet. She took off her T-shirt and put forward their plump breasts. Closing her eyes from pleasure, the doctor began to stroke them and compress. It was very nice. Leaning forward, he licked his right nipple, his tongue caressed and gently covering her lips and began to suck. Lera sighed and moaned a little. Dr. Leryny sisechki sucked, squeezed them, caressed and sucked again while Lera does not start to feel dizzy.
- Take off your panties, Lera - Doctor whispered it in his ear and blushed Lera - Take off my sun.
- I do not know ... I'm still a girl ...
- I know, I know, my girl, do you think I can hurt you. Just enjoy only pleasure. For you…. Well, for me, too - the doctor laughed - Take off, do not be afraid.
A bit embarrassed, Lera swung pale blue panties. They fell at her feet. The doctor got to his knees and slowly lifted the plaid skirt. For a moment he looked at the black triangle of her curls, and then buried his face in it. He was breathing intermittently and hot and slightly parted legs Lera. Suddenly something incredibly gentle, warm and wet was fumbling for her virgin pussy, rising to the clitoris, is sharp, and to the groans of stinging, then retreating below rasplastyvayas and gently slipping into the depths. Lera moaned and nearly collapsed from the suddenly surging languor.
- Lie down on the couch, so it will be better - the doctor noticed that Leroy weakened by his caresses
Lera obediently lay on a white bed sheet laid by medical couch.
- Feet move apart ... that's it ...
Now the doctor caressed her to reveal pussy, sucking and smacking his lips.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ... Ah-ah-ah-ah ... - moaned Lera.
She felt the pleasure peaked and now something will. Her condition was transmitted to the doctor, and, continuing to suck swollen clit, he cautiously introduced the little finger in the ass Leray. She gasped, made some movements towards a timid finger and published last a long groan. The doctor took out the little finger of her ass and licked more compressible vagina spasms.
- We'll meet again, Lera?
- Of course.
* * *
They walked around Moscow. These trips are made about once a month. And every time Alexander Markovich showed Leray new places where it had never been. Moscow doctor was absolutely not what it knew Lera. Old Yard Zamoskvorechye, curves Arbat lanes. He froze, Leroy said, "Let's go to you" and they went to the old bachelor apartment the doctor. Lera undress before the doctor quickly and simply, without any frills strip. At first the top, then she lifted up her skirt and kept her with pantyhose and panties. Skirt falling to the floor at the end. Dr. fondled her breasts, and then a huge steles, standing in the middle of the room, a table a white tablecloth. Leroy climbed on the table, moved apart legs and the doctor always bring it to the highest point of pleasure with its virtuoso tongue and long-successor to the little finger, ring finger, pierce the Lerynu ass for a second orgasm. This continued throughout the winter, spring and summer. Lera graduated from high school and went to college.
They went on Nikitskaya and Lera in panties was wet for a long time. This morning she first shaved his hair. The shorts were unusually free, strap thong pleasantly caressed hairless ass inside, exciting Leroux stronger and stronger. Looking Leray's face, the doctor smiled:
- Come soon.
Seeing pink triangle instead of the usual smooth curls, the doctor first upset. But when he licked lips rejuvenated naked girls, he realized that he was happy. He sucked her smacking his lips, he licked it all, from the clitoris to the anus and Lera moaned so loudly that it was terrible what the neighbors think. Language long caressed the vagina outside, then entered it and began to move around inside, then it began to thin and penetrated deeply, very deeply. The doctor felt the language barrier and became slightly knock on her tongue tip. Lera suddenly stopped moaning and got up.
- I want you to be with me ... like a woman ... well, you know ... all really ...
- Lera, you will be hurt.
- I know, but I want it. Please, right now!
Lera went back to the table and even wider spread to the feet doctor. Alexander Markovich unbuttoned his pants and saw Lera strong member, unexpectedly large, protruding upwards at 45 degrees. She closed her eyes.
- Lera, are you sure you want to do it just me?
- Yes.
The doctor walked right up and ran head member along Lerynyh pink lips. Lera is fully open and the head plunged into a gentle, narrow vagina. Feeling obstacle doctor paused.
- My girl, could be better in the ass?
- No. I want everything to be as a woman.
Using both hands, firmly took Dr. Leroux for the ass, that at the moment of penetration, it could not escape from it. Once again, softly caressed the head of the vagina, and stopped with force entered Leroux, at the same time, spitted it on his penis. The doctor felt a head bursting of the hymen and almost finished by surging impressions. Leroy screamed. The doctor made three control friction in the vagina and went smoothly. A drop of blood made him go. Doctor licked her. Lera was quiet, just a little sob. Dr. caressed her lips and tongue, and felt the clitoris swells again in his mouth. He stepped up the pressure on the lower part and Lera again moaned.
- Now in the ass - suddenly she commanded.
Repeat twice it was not necessary. After working for the ring finger in the ass girl, the doctor introduced her dick and fingers caress the clitoris, began to move, penetrating deeper and deeper. They finished at the same time. Rather, Dr. Leroux missed forward, and then discharged with a cry deep in ass Lera.
Then they drank tea. Lera chirped, and the doctor looked at her adoringly: angel, my angel.
6 The class discussed animatedly pictures that they sold for 10 GEL per piece Vadik Kvaratskhelia. The pair even moved the toilet to vzdrochnut and relieve the stress that has accumulated between the legs. A horny it had something: every day ever see as same as they were boys allowed in her mouth blond woman age 30 obviously is their own ... Persons boys in the photo to be seen, but it was not necessary to be an expert to understand for size segments, hands and feet that are their peers - if not younger ... But a woman could be seen in all its glory ... and close-up - and from a distance, chest, back, clean shaven front, long and well-groomed feet, vicious face with fucking gleaming blue eyes rolling slёzki are mixed with sperm ...
The collar encircling the neck and chain, stretching to the wall ...
On one photo of her breast was compressed into small hands of children on the other hand someone digging into her crotch, her lips encircled still not an adult - not fat, but the long member. On the remaining corruption reached such an extent that the guys looking at photo finishing straight pants ... All new look at Vadik and he was proud of this. Previously, he was unremarkable boy - but now to him with friendship imposed on the entire male half of the class.
Vadik you fuck's sake took these pictures !? - Quickened breathing asked Kvabuli Abalishvili - short, dark-haired boy with the ever somehow unhealthy hunger in his eyes.
Where can I get? Nowhere! - Smiling their yellow, unpeeled teeth Vadik said.
Kvabuli pleadingly looked at Vadik, almost crying ... Something trembled in Vadik ... In the end, they should also begin to look for new actors to capture their live porn with toy: Aunt Olya ...
Okay ... Do you have money?
Kvabuli thought - GEL 50 ladies, if you say I received! - Hotly he whispered faithfully Vadik looking into the eyes ...
And if I tell you how it is possible to visit one of those guys? - Smirk spoiled already ugly face Vadik.
Kvabuli did not know what to say, panting, feeling podgibayutsya asked feet - it's ... You're kidding?
Vadik - down looked at Kvabuli - Why?
Kvabuli even staggered and Vadik had to support his hands.
All that has accumulated ladies! But only after I see ... I see ... - Kvabuli swallowed the lump in my throat ... The fact that you promise to show ...
And not just to show ... to participate - said Vadim smoothly ... So how are you?
All that has accumulated! - Repeated Kvabuli. Dame 180 lari!
Vadik figured - go! After school, we meet some nearby kindergarten, where usually going - right? Kvabuli nodded and ran when he heard the call to class ... The whole lesson of biology, he looked at Vadik as if afraid that he suddenly disappears somewhere, and could not listen to the teacher - because before his eyes flashed photos woman curled lips childish head member. Vadik meanwhile wondering who would find a ... More Kvabuli immediately at the end of Biology ran home and told my mom that goes out with friends, rushed to the kindergarten taking with him the money.
There's still no one was because Kvabuli not finding a place go from side to side. Finally when he was desperate to wait for Vadik about to leave - that emerged from the corner of the fence in the company of strangers then 2 5 klashek of primary school. Both were very stunned look and were clearly Vadik for the same reason that it was going to go Kvabiuli. Vadim waved to him, "they say add '- Kvabiuli lowered him. All walked in silence - exchanging glances and giggling nervously. Vadik walked steadily and at times condescending smile to children. After 15 minutes of walking and walking from house to house, he stopped at a dilapidated two-story house. Taking the key, he cranked it 3 times, said he undressed and went down the hallway and disappeared into the second door on the right. Listening Kvabiuli heard a soft groan from below, is clearly a female! The boys looked at each other with the hope that they have not heard ...
Vadik appeared, accompanied by, some bomzhonka (nearby was a dump), which seems barely knocked 12 years. Chuckled, looking at their faces, Vadik led them to a room, from which it had just come out. Bomzhonok same smile through the grimy face, toward the exit. Inside, everything bore traces of long-abandoned house in the middle of the floor gaped darkness failure subfloor - Vadik down there, flicked a switch. The darkness receded, and it became easier to see the stone steps leading down to the right. Kvabiuli and the other two boys carefully trod the narrow steps and all the more clearly heard moaning. Long did not have to go down and wrapped after Vadim guys were in good consecrated basement. What happened on the couch in the middle of the room, just defied their conscience.
A blond woman in her 30's more like an expensive fashion model, completely naked - attached length predlinnoy steel chain and collar to the wall, legs spread wide, revealing a greedy gaze of a clean-shaven pubis, violently pushed onto the not for a long age, thin member bomzhonka eleven who , provocatively giggle from time to time, loudly slapped its elastic ass, and matzo her hard, hot breast third dimension. I think when the boys went into the basement, he held his attention to them for a moment, and even a little held the woman's pelvis, and then zadolbil it even faster - as if trying to catch up the lost seconds. Woman furiously podmahivala child, then gently and slowly - as if trying to get a member of the eggs, strung him, clenching and unclenching the muscles of the vagina a member.
From time to time, the boy asked the woman to stop laughing and covering her narrow palm pussy began furiously podmahivat her bottom - at the same time caressing the clitoris hand. Eggs boys with breakneck speed to beat the perineum women, short legs jerk to the beat of bouncing hard nipples with small - rock solid pink nipples. Finally the boy said that he is about to finish today. The woman slowly got off the penis and knelt down, right on the cold concrete floor took in his mouth a member of the boys on the eggs - boy holding area member hand at the base so as not to end prematurely slowly at first - pulled out a member of the most beautiful and luscious lips - then abruptly put up with - and so several times - he finally twitching and giving a couple of times on the cheek woman with some sort of juicy sound pulled his penis out of his mouth - particularly noteworthy of which was a hefty head. Female for fucking looked at the member, in the eyes of its owner. He grinned and took a member of the base member lightly slapped a woman on the cheek - only then deigned to pay attention to Vadim and quiet as a mouse the guys who came with him.
Kvabiuli all eyes stared at the woman, and she smiled at him in response to his fucking blue eyes, and then began razdrachivat already decreasing in size boy's member, from time to time prihvatyvaya his mouth and licking the head. Kvabiuli felt that the world is moving away from his feet under, it seems, only after this woman look he realized that Vadim is not a liar. Vadim same grin, approached the couple blow job and a busy shaking his head said with sarcasm - we will then not interfere?
No - the woman smiled and cheerfully looking at the three boys held along the segment tongue lingering in the place where the member of the barrel goes to the crown.
And even as a kind of awkward ... continued Vadim.
- How long have you so Zaza?
- One and a half hours having fun, Dany tired more half an hour ago - he was waiting for you upstairs - bomzhonok smiled.
- You do not want to be aired?
- Yeah, that for a long time was not in the open air, even though we have it with Dani a good reason - the boy giggled, looking at work on his instrument for a woman.
Zaza pulled back with some regret as it seemed to the boys from the women and not paying attention to the boys walked to the stairs ... When his footsteps died away, Vadim turned to the boys and thoughtfully looking at the stairs said: ... Of course the protection of our favorite toys are meant for its use, but not to to do this around the clock?
Ol you hungry? - Said Vadim
No - carnivorous obliznuvshis strelnuv and eyes in children - Zaza I already fed.
And often he feeds you so?
For breakfast, lunch and dinner - I giggled the woman turned out to be called Olga.
Meet, I brought to you new visitors - yonder Kvabiuli left him 12 years, that the right Beglar him 11 years, but the one that centered Hareb, he too. You like primary school students is not true, right? - Vadim smirked.
Oh, yes ... The more - the better ... - Tomio agile and she put her hand between her legs looking at boys.
Vadim looked indecisive, even some frightened little boys - and even for a moment thought that he was a month ago, the same - when Olga had just got into their greedy hands.
What do you like bruised stand? Olga is waiting for you !!!
It sounded to Kvabiuli as a signal for action. Still hesitant, but trying to keep the hardness of gait, the boy went to Ole, with interest gazing into his eyes. He almost, about something is not tripped, the boys back nervously giggled - but she gave no sign and indication that it is ridiculous. I kvabiuli it was grateful for it. Olga continued to rub his narrow, exuding love pussy juices in which within the next hour was to visit the members of the three youngsters. Kvabiuli like enchanted rose about Oli, hands badly obeyed and reached for his pants and stopped half way. But Olga did not seem about to torment themselves waiting - and therefore dramatically dёrnuv pants, so Kvabiuli almost fell, appeared before standing as a number of segments of length 14 cm - unremarkable, not long or wide - but firmly standing member - who hung out right in front of pretty face horny woman just slezshey a member of a hair's breadth the same young boy. Olya gently touched the tongue head of the penis, looking up at Kvabiuli his eyes shining with excitement - why he twitched like an electric shock.
And then he leaned forward toward disclosed, raunchy female mouth. Centimeter by centimeter as if in time-lapse shooting he witnessed as a member disappears enveloped lips mouth beautiful adult woman - and it seemed to him that someone has attached to it the back wings and fly here-here, whether he wants it or not. The woman took his penis at the base and covered his eyes waffle back and forth along the barrel forcing Kvabiuli faint every time when a member of her mouth turned out in full and she playfully toyed with the language of the place where the term shifted in his as yet hairless testicles. At the same time her blue eyes and then looked eagerly from the bottom up, with eyes like a sixth-grader and asked to show his initiative. He opened his eyes and met the eyes of this female - Kvabiuli remembered how last Zaza had Olya in the mouth after breakneck leaps on the couch and began to slowly podmahivat meet greedy scarlet mouth that his mother Godea women. Olga stopped doing reciprocating mouth and just the clenching and unclenching the muscles of cheeks, and the boy could, he thought almost see his cock inside the mouth glides slowly through the playful tongue to the throat, which is clearly wishes to receive the charge of a young sperm sixth-grader . Kvabiuli felt within the heart works furiously chasing for young blood to the body warm and so stand as a number of segments. No longer able to hold on much longer - Kvabiuli grabbed Olin head and swung planted her head on the penis so that it by surprise almost choked, but managed to relax the throat and feel on it has a warm, pungent jet to the wall of the stomach through the esophagus drains sperm boys - who is now with the stupid smile on his face standing in front of a longer interest him gazing adult woman.
- Mmmmm ... Looking just zmechennuyu Kvabiuli camera held Olya - There is nothing better in the taste of semen of young boys, an adult is not the same ...
Olga stood opposite Kvabiuli and as it turned out was the head 4 above the boy - his head was on a level slightly above the navel and her smooth shaved pussy bewitching sight loomed right in front of the boys. The woman turned to the camera and Kvabiuli withheld ran a hand over the smooth skin of her elastic, perfectly shaped thighs.
- The boy is like my ass? - Smiling asked Olya
Kvabiuli nodded looking at this time from the bottom up. Looking at her wonderful figure of a side - on the elastic, strong chest, on wonderful, apparently grind year after year, without a trace of cellulite thighs, long, graceful legs, he realized that if he could not feel his hands under her body every day then just go mad ...
The boy wants to try something more interesting than a blow job? - Licking his dry from the hot and languid voice asked Olga narrowed lips blue, what the cat's eyes.
- He wants the same hot, thrilling whisper replied Kvabiuli.
Temporarily, he tried to take the initiative in their hands and with feigned impudence, keeping more children in the little hand polupopiyah woman moved her toward the bed followed by a camera lens in the hands of Vadim.
Aggressively pushed to the sofa Olga got on all fours, while on the couch - and Kvabiuli desperately trying to portray that knows what makes farming a woman slapping on the buttocks with his other hand frantically tried to get into her vagina narrow stone excitement segments. Finally he was able to slip into ... Strange sensations almost made him faint ... Inside it was hot and humid, cramped and flexibly ... what? Once inside Kvabiuli Oli I stood up and analyzed their feelings. But Olga did not think was going to give the boy to engage in doing nothing and squeezing the muscles of the vagina his cock he lurched forward and relaxed. Member of nearly slipped out of her stay there only a head - but this movement, followed by a lecherous look starved cat cat Olga throw him over his shoulder back a sense of reality and it rocked forward again, he did not want that the member quite slipped from Oli. It is more dense and stronger pressed his body to Oli and began to swing evenly vzad- forward feeling the barrel member of every millimeter of her pussy.
Vadim went around a couple yet steadily and gently podmahivat each other as if in a certain silly erotic film picking up the view is better - the closer the camera before it was seen as the labia Oli then slide forward releasing member - something with him almost imperceptibly leaning back, removing the camera before it fell into the lens and more young woman from behind and wrapped her snotty brat with more superstitious fear of looking like his cock disappears in the gentle folds of Olya's commands, as if all this was a dream.
Finally Kvabiuli felt that is about to run out of its viscous, bright white sperm directly into the Parliament, and it is in his confusion knew that now it have finished. Olga leaned sharply forward, stood as before Zaza knees, sticking tongue, let it be known that he wanted the boy finished it in his mouth. Kvabiuli enough to put the crown on her tongue to immediately discharged by a stream of sperm - is almost entirely covered with Olin tongue and began to drip from it on the floor.
Olga pulled his tongue back and swallowed all the sperm that did not manage to break her tongue to the ground, and then showed a net of sperm camera lens tongue and smiled cheerfully.
Two children have already forgotten about modesty openly masturbate looking at everything that happens and Olya and called them, saying that she does not want them to waste discharged to the ground, and finished on it. They were confused at first but, having overcome uncertainty, stood on either side of Oli and then with a certain shame looking at each other, then with some surprise at the adult woman between them turns his head to the side of one - in the direction of the other. Kvabiuli this scene will make you forget about just took place to be having sex, and forced his cock back up to combat the situation by what he saw. Olga took the head in his mouth ... Beglar and the muffled cry member immediately terminated - And so abundantly that Olga already thinking that he had finally dried up and pulled away, got the last sperm charge on the left cheek ... iridescent, bright white, thick sperm child wonder combined with blue, provocative eyes of an adult woman ...
Hareb asked Olya get cancer - that Olga happy and fulfilled, the boy fell in between flawless Olina legs and began gently led naked head member of the lips sex Oli - leading along its segment of the arm back, then forward. Olu this seems excited about what can be judged by the eyes half closed and her breathing is interrupted.
No longer tinker with the crotch Oli, Hareb hastily pulled already started spraying cum penis and put it on the hips - for taut ass women spread over a white spot - tear down the sides - heavy drops ...
The boys looked at each other happy - but tired. Everyone watched it on yourself, on the other Olga - and as if trying to figure out what has changed in them, and in the world around them. In any case, their eyes - the eyes were infants in the cradle which planted a new interesting toy. Vadim, looking at them, and said to them before continuing refreshed and washed (guys sweated mercilessly by the fear, pleasure) and pulled them behind him upstairs.
To be continued…
Anyone who wants to help develop the story or to help in the writing of the continuation, or the continuation write to [email protected]
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I decided to write a book ...
I plan to finish it around in the second half of May 2009. With this book, I open up the way that misses the camera lens at the porn studio. It will not be as much sex in my stories, although, of course, my book can not do without it. It will be more focuses on psychology. Readers will see the porn actresses perfectly with the other hand, with which they are not accustomed to thinking of them. Each of them have their own thoughts, feelings, and, paradoxically, his own personal life. What you will not see in porn movies, which do not tell you in documentaries about porn, you can read in my book.
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It is summer. I have finished 10 classes and enjoy your summer vacation. Sex was more in my life. And I was sincerely glad. I'm glad that I can put on a short skirt without panties and surrender to what is familiar to the nearest stairwell. I'm glad that I can wear light blouse without a bra, making her breasts even more accessible for petting guys. My brother graduated from the 4th year of university, received a bachelor's degree and preparing with their classmates to celebrate this. Needless to say, that as the main gift for the holiday, he decided to teach me. The company planned small. Only six men, including his brother and me. With all the guys I was well acquainted, and each of them has been repeatedly tested my holes in the case.
Celebrate decided in nature. After selecting the country great, but a desert place, in the agreed time we got there. It was paradise. Beautiful meadow, trees, growing alone in the middle of meadows and providing us shade. And most importantly - clean and beautiful river. Guys right calculated that deserted here. From the main road we turned inland meadows kilometers 10. It is unlikely that someone would be so far away to call.
Upon arrival, we quickly unloaded the things of the machines. The guys immediately stripped, left in some batches. I was allowed to stay either in batches or in a skirt. I chose a skirt. She was very short with a slit on the side. Thus, do not hide from the guys of my holes. The boys made a fire and began to prepare a festive barbecue.
I did not know what to do, but his brother quickly found me a job.
Coming to me and squeezing my ass, he said:
- Dashun, which subsided? You see how many guys sitting bored. Come quickly, suck us all in turn.
I went to the first that fell to the guy who was sitting in the front seat of the car and covering the face T-shirt from the bright sun sipping through a straw cola. Kneeling in front of him, I pulled to the side of his trunks, and released to the will of its members. He was not in a state of stress and how sausage was lying on his stomach host. I tilted my head and licked his balls. The boy smiled slightly, but did not move. I began to lick the dick from all sides, licked and sucked a drop of speaking head in his mouth. Half a minute of my effort, and a member in a combat position staring at the sky, we ask in my mouth. Well, let's not disappoint him. For all the time of my fellow manipulation whose dick I sucked, I did not utter a sound. All just silently sipped a Coke. I grabbed a member of the fingers at the base and was about to take his mouth, she heard the order, uttered a whisper:
- Hands. One minute before the orgasm begin to suck the other, do not let me finish. Go on.
I obeyed and, removing his hands behind his back, he continued to suck dick. I heard from behind me came up and felt someone on his wrists cold metal handcuffs. I moaned, expressing protest. But the boy, bound my hands with bracelets, she said:
- Suck, do not twitch. All the same, the camera work. So you look even sexier. A sort of enslaved nymphet. Come on, in general, suck quickly. We want too.
And then I noticed the corner of his eye, that his brother took the camera and takes my blowjob.
As like the guy, I did not let him finish and, taking a member shortly before orgasm, faithfully licked his tongue and looked questioningly at him?
- Take a glass and gather in his sperm.
I took off the handcuffs. I took the bag and the disposable cup again plunged member of his mouth. Soon the boy moaned, I spout bent his dick in a horizontal position and substituting a member of the glass began to collect in his seed. When he had finished, the guy pushed me with his foot:
- Another suck while I sleep.
I crawled to my brother, and as a faithful dog, looked him in the face, or rather, into the chamber:
- You can suck?
- Suck, sis. But gather all the sperm in a glass.
Soon finished and brother. His cum I also collected in a glass. So in turn, I went around all the guys. And, looking for moments when the boys were free, I sucked them, merging them into a glass of sperm.
While I served orally all six guys had to lay the table. Skewer even roasted, but the sandwiches and wine was already on the tablecloth. Steel toasts, speeches, congratulations to obtain a diploma. All in a glass of wine was poured. I - sperm. Men long to finish. Since the sperm had accumulated almost half a cup. I saw it a long time, for about three minutes, savoring the pleasure and stretching. It's not often I got here and so easy to drink plenty of sperm. When I was completely drained the glass, the brother asked me:
- Well, Dasha, delicious?
- Highly.
- Even today you want?
- Of course.
- Well guys, feed my sister - cum slut?
- Yes, by itself, would have! - Everywhere raced reviews.
- Come on, a whore, a snack - and a brother bent my head to his penis.
Since the guys were sitting on the grass, I dutifully became a cancer and began to lick his brother flaccid penis.
- Give, you want sausages? - I asked one of the guys.
And before I could answer, I felt like a piece of sausage falls into my pussy. Soon he was in my mouth and I could smell his discharge. Opened his mouth and let out a member of his brother, I greedily ate the meal offered to me. In the future, all the food in this day before you get in my mouth visited in my pussy.
While the boys drank and ate, I crawled from one to the other, taking turns sucking their members, betraying their militant form. Finally, I made her, and all six members were ready to eat. My pussy was flowing, wanting to quickly feel someone's rod in itself.
- Dimon, a long time to wait for a shish kebab?
- Minutes 30-40.
- Well guys, fuck bitch? And all of it flows.
I dutifully became a cancer and sticking out his ass said:
- Boys, please, fuck your sex toy. I'm so bored of your members.
From this I did not have to, but I know that guys like it when I say so.
The guys began to approach from both sides. While one more fucked his favorite hole, the second I was sucking dick. The boys agreed to finish only in me. So the guy that I do blow, delayed pleasure sometimes pushed me off his cock and giving me the opportunity to bring him to orgasm. Soon the boys changed their tactics and all settled in my ass. They took turns coming up to me, inserted a member of my pussy, fuck a couple of minutes, and gave way to the next. So my pussy missed a circle a couple of times - three. Then came the turn of my ass, members have it changed every two or three minutes. While some fucked me, others were engaged in barbecue.
- Guys - who cried - the - finish to fuck ... bitch. Skewers ready.
- We will soon have - there was a response to my brother, a member of which at the moment was in my pussy.
- Guys, let's end. Three Men in a pussy, three in the ass.
After a few seconds, I felt like a brother semen poured inside my body. When he finished, he went up to my face and poked a member of my lips. I opened my mouth and licked it humbly. Meanwhile, his brother took place the other guy, and his penis was moving very fast in my body over the lubricated sperm brother aisle. Again, I felt the walls of my vagina Oros fresh sperm. Once again a member in my mouth and I sucked him, scraping leftovers. The next guy stuck in my pussy, but not being able to make a couple of motions and issued a plangent cry and squeezing my ass, planted on his dick until the end and began to cum in my body. His cock was a cocktail of sperm three guys, which I gladly licked. Next came a member of my ass. Going into me all the way, man squeezed my tits and froze. Ten seconds, we did not move, and then I felt like a fountain of sperm hit my ass. Concha man muttered that I was the best whore, and he is very happy that there is an opportunity to fuck me. And soon his cock, recently visited in the ass, in my mouth and I lick it carefully. The last two guys just end up my ass, and I just thoroughly purged his mouth their members.
When he finished, the last guy approvingly slapped me in the face and walked away.
The company started for kebab, and I was left standing on the sidelines.
During the meal brother he was on all fours and said:
- Sister, lick my anus while I eat.
I went to him, knelt down facing coming up with his ass. Hands spread toward his buttocks, and I kind of opened hairy anus. Licking muscle ring, I stuck out her tongue at all possible lengths and put the tip into the anus to his brother. Brother groaned.
- Deeper, sister, deeply stuck his fucking tongue in my ass.
I tried as best she could. I lick the walls of the anus, kissing the ring. My tongue went slowly and evenly. All the same, anal passage with his brother was very tight and push into the language was not easy.
After I licked ass brother, the other guys took a similar posture and followed orders to lick the ass to everyone else. I tried as best she could. Each had his own taste of the anus. But, fortunately, there was not shit. There was only a subtle scent.
- Okay, zhopolizka enough - said the brother, after I had for ten minutes lick ass last guy.
- Guys, let her feed.
- Than?
- Kebab with mayonnaise.
- Will not work. All mayonnaise already spent.
- Yes, it has its own.
- A! You mean the one in the pussy and ass?
- Of course.
I was ordered to sit on a blanket and spread her legs. And each of the guys came up to me in the queue and removing a piece of kebab skewers two feed me them. Previously one dipped in the sperm located in the pussy, the second - the pope.
The celebration was interrupted by the storm came from nowhere. Quickly gathering his belongings, we went to the country of one of the boys, which was not far from the place of our halt. And there, far into the night, I fucked in all holes. This day I remember and like it, because then I drank a very large number of sperm, which I love so much ...
This story contains two bonus that will not be subject to publication. In a bonus, you will learn about how Victor celebrated his birthday, and in the second I tell you about one of the romantic evenings spent with the school principal.
And another small ad, referring to people who want to get bonuses. Guys, bonuses are not available for free. They are, though purely symbolic, but money. Therefore freebies lovers can not write to me requests for bonuses at all.


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She entered the room and sat in a chair. She could do nothing else. She did not need to shoot eyes, flexing shoe or wear mini strongly above the knee, to cause male lust. Lust was herself. Little girl and shameless whore dancing tango in her green eyes.
I've never heard her words - it seemed sacrilegious that this mouth can reach anything but groans. He seemed not at all intended for words, this pretty little mouth. He just did not have to condescend to them.
With it, I always felt a nasty lustful male, exudes sweat and stench. I felt like a mad barbarian woman whose only trophy, the female with which to mate as soon as possible and leave at the mercy of his neighbor.
I really wanted to hurt her. The fragility of her body as if motivated by cruelty. I had no idea how to gently fingering her golden curls, slowly kissing the mystical form. She was perfection, which wanted to destroy much more than enjoy.
One day we were sitting with her at some meeting. She talked about the target audience, and I mentally undressing her with his eyes and imagined how roundness of her eyes, if I take it right here, in a small, cozy meeting room. In his shameless dreams I reeled her long red hair on his hand, and profane language, these cute, pink cheeks. Were torn to shreds by her black sweater, eagerly tormented nipples and mercilessly tortured his rough hands of her gentle and fragile body.
And then he tore jeans with her legs, enjoying the trill of buttons, with anger bouncing from rebellious matter. He whipped cheeks and licked its eyes rolling tears. He took the hair and dragged around the office, at the corner to enjoy her helplessness. With hatred thrown in her face the most terrible curse, heartless mutuzit enjoying prominent bruises and gleefully laughing at them.
Her rebellious bosom like a bristled, not wanting to let me go, but quickly fell. Barbarian waited too long to spend time on the persuasion. I took her roughly, painfully biting her sugary ears ... Tilting her head back, she cried in a loud voice. With my every impulse she beat her head against the concrete wall and the location of the pain in her eyes gradually took hatred.
And now, her sharp nails half went into my back, that her teeth began to tear to shreds the flesh on my shoulders and eagerly klatsat already very close to the carotid artery. Blood splashes flew for a small room, we hoarse from shouting and almost fainted from the pain.
Vessels eyes, unable to survive the passion, bursting with delight. Fragile morals bursting at the seams with shameless orgy. And The thin body has sought deeper absorb sinful delight to finally reach the damn artery ...
I'm sure we would have torn each other to a pulp and bled. I guess whether it is about it, causing me to a meeting in a small, cozy meeting room? ...
Alexander Andrianov


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T. Hello!
I miss .....
Especially unbearable on a business trip, away from familiar faces when you have to be alone with his anguish.
Winter is very frosty. Imagine, you would break into a cold, a little tired from the morning flight. And you're so fragile, warm, something weightless ... meet me, smiling sweetly playful eyes. And the first touch - a kiss on the lips, smelling of morning coffee and going to bed at the same time. I kiss you passionately and gently, so as to feel like you missed. Breathing falter sweet, breathless .... Afraid to cool you with my cold hands from the cold, I was passive, and you slide down, freeing me from all the pants once, baring me there at all ... I can imagine how your eyes shine with delight and anticipation when you look from the bottom up ...
Guess after all my desires ... You smile at me, in a businesslike parted my knees chilled his smooth body .... just feel your shoulders and touch your hair to my thighs.
And here he is ... The most frozen piece of my body, shrunk in a very tiny otrostochek, miserable, tired, confused in their hairs .... missed .... Freeze ... Feel? The smell? .... His ... You're warm fingers frees him from the bushes, looking forward to the meeting point, the first caress .... thine eyes draws a veil obaldevaniya pleasure, feeling ... is about to ...
Yes! You open your mouth and take it with warm soft damp sponge, covering it entirely on its entire length is tiny ... I feel and see how shaggy jaws are closed at the base, touching the hairs .. And you freezes .... Enjoying accumulated odor of male ... Your male ... That's it .... The moment of the meeting. Leaving the way, the feeling of a closed circle.! He is at home!!! There, much sought ... In humid authorities adorable affectionate mouth. Feel like the head on the tongue, warming, starts to grow ....
I waited too long to restrain lust .. But you do not immediately feel the irreversibility of my orgasm .. It's like an emerging wave. While you, dreamy eyes closed, suck him, he dutifully rises in response to the warm affection, and no longer fits in the mouth. Now he's great - enjoy .... I can no longer sit. I want to go myself ... I get up, legs wide apart, and begin to move straight in the mouth itself, with the rhythm that I want .... around my ass ... And? You train so much, as I move it ... Do not let him fall out of her mouth ...
I move, move, move. My movement is becoming deeper, and I play with your hair color ... My hands are already warmed up ... I firmly hold the neck, ears, when the pacemaker, fumbling fingers in the strands of the ears ... feel my large hands hug your head? Nope. You're too keen on the process .... Sweet guaranteed pleasure of oral sex ...
You do not want me to stop. My excitement is transferred to you, and, feeling the abdomen demanding sips desire, wet and hot in pussy, you're dull and plaintive moan ... But the jaws never moved ... all ... He is no longer pause, he rastet- grows, it becomes wide and thick ...
And here it is ....
You can guess that already "all" for a moment ... and retain only the head .. and he shoots. The first push - strong plentiful, right up to the neck. It pulses, filling her mouth with hot pleasure. Sperm are so many mouth overflowing; You open your eyes in surprise, a delight thanks to me for the amount of desire .... and swallow everything in a few mouthfuls; one - the second, caressing tongue spewing hole ... Until the end of my orgasm ... pauses and pushing it with a sponge on the tip, lick your most favorite last drop. Then you let it out of her mouth, not once, several times returning it back; a cat licking shiny lips pressed against my legs, pressing his head to the thigh ... No, you do not want to kiss. You dream to preserve the taste and smell me a little longer ... It's you ... all you ...
Finger touch you down there? There, an empty juice pisechka grateful to compress my finger penetrated. A?
Spread your legs. Please ... Look how clear thread juice reaches for opens her thighs ... You'll give lick?
I also miss your taste ... do you smell like passion ... please ....
Where are you my Incredible T?
How do you back?

Night night flight ... airplane ... most of the passengers sleeping peacefully, leaning back in the seat of chairs ... I was sitting near the window, but I did not sleep ..... you sit on the other side, and I was treated carefully ... I all cringed and you came to me with his blanket carefully wrapping ... me .... sleepy eyes, I considered, and you seemed to me that you have a good set up and I have offered to sit next to me .......
carefully adjusting the blanket you touched my feet and holding his hand began to gently rub your fingers ... seeing that I like you started to rise above the hand .... carefully ... each time checking whether I like it .... I closed my eyes cilia and trembling all kind show that I am pleased to stroking your ... I'm a little bit relaxed uncovered legs .... thereby exposing the knees and hips ..... short dress does not hide my lovely feet and you gladly began stroking his knees ....
rubbing .... pressing fingertips ... rubbing it up and down, then drawing his fingers massaging you penetrate to the inside of the thighs and gently running her between the legs ... I shudder from your courage and finally losing sleep I look at you ... and not stop ... .but you finger covering my lips and speak softly shshshshsh ... .I do not know you ... I can not say a word ... I can only watch ....
fingers aggressively making their way to my innermost hot breath you kiss my shoulder and the other hand on the buttons unbutton my blouse ..... I know that not everyone is asleep in the cabin .. We can notice ... but it just gets me .. .paltsami opened my blouse you bared nipple and finger began to disturb him ... under the caresses he revived and became tverdenkim .... bending ... you lips began to kiss .. then pulling in the mouth, pushing the tongue .... .palchik gently pulled the edge of her panties, and spending on moist lips began to move with the increase in the rate ....
indulging in a papilla, you fingertip felt my kliterochek who shyly hid in the folds ... spreading his fingers and pushing the folds kliterochek you started kissing my ear, gently whispering all sorts of nonsense ... your hot breath fills me and I held my breath. .... just enjoying such unexpected proximity with a perfect stranger .... you kiss earlobe .... then biting, pulling the lips .... fingers are busy caressing kliterochek papilla and at the same time ..... I I breathe from sweet caress and whisper to you that you did not stop ..... mmmm
All you unbutton a jacket .... and bares his chest .... All in twilight seen her ... especially visible nipples sticking out from the excitement ... lips cling to his chest and did not hesitate to kiss the chest covering all kisses ... hot ... hungry ... walking around tabs areook nipples ... bother tongue alternately one then the second nipple ... hands gripping both breasts together and holding between them a tongue .... I'm drowning in sensation and loud moaning .. ... you growl with passion .... which has caused my legs ... my breasts ... my lips are hot ... enthusiastically licking each centimeter chest ..... then sucking nipples ... then releasing them freedom ..... squeezing together breasts touched the tongue to one now to another nipple and move the tongue from side to side .... I squeeze your head and baldeyuyuyuyuyuyu
burning with desire .... you raise my dress completely exposing ... Only a strip of white panties you a little confused and not thinking you take off and panties ... you're covering me with a blanket completely denude me ... I can not resist the onslaught of your ... just surrender to the senses ... I wish you .....
leaving me completely naked you look at me, full of desire ..... I spend on the handle member who stood ... and unbuttoning your pants run handle in your pants ..... I care about what is happening .... your scent drives crazy ... I feel for the fingers have a hard erect penis and I want to let it out ... mmmm ... .I spend gently up and down and reveal your pants .... I squeeze your penis in the handle and drive a fingering fingers on it gently squeezing the fingers clenched tighter ... it cant ..... and ....
I half-close your eyes and lick golovochku ... spend some tongue around ... the restraining bridle on ... simply by moving the head left and right ..... you oblaskivaya I run my pen between her legs and rub your lobochek .... dipping his fingers into her bosom and conclusions .... I continue to lick you with pleasure ..... I raise my head and notice? that man watching us ... carefully considering all the things we do ... he winked at me and I started up in earnest ... unexpected spectator added passion ... I felt like a porn star and try to become even more .... .
man watching us, and I look at it .... you do not know what is the audience of our comfort ... tongue walks through your member, then clicking on the surface of the barrel ... that just a third of its chaotically in different directions .. .oblizyvaya lips and hugging me more deeply drawn into the mouth ... do you feel like the neck of my vibrates and you barely audible groan .....
I do not stop fondling her, all increasing the compression and the rate of ..prosto going crazy by your smell ... ..I recline blanket and climb on your lap facing you .... ... hugging tummy to you ...... I curled closer ... feeling like my girl very close rubs against your hot cock nice to me ..... I move my hips, thereby stimulating your kliterochek .....
... I feel that even if you do not come into my ... .Even if it's so big and hot fills my bosom ... I still finish ... apparently divining the thoughts you hugged hips and just pushing ... .ne slowly ... barely breathing put me on his thirsty girl ... .moya the already wet took it easy ...
you stopped ... for a moment ... .lish Referring if listening ... ... I'm getting accustomed to hide their emotions and hot breathing down your shoulder, barely audibly uttering short ..ah ... ... swinging at you from side to side ... I could not resist and looked at our observer ... his pupils were dilated ... even at this distance, I could feel how hot it breathes ... ..kak beast ... it turned me on even more intense ... .bolee rotating hips I look at it and understand ... that he is not just watching our "dance" ...
the movement of his hand rhythmically suggested to me that he is busy ... I obliznuvshis and biting his ear stranger continued to look at the man who is playing with his cock visibly pleased with the fact that witnessed our sex ... winking slyly I turned her head ... in the window was dark ... not was evident even stars ... .zakryv his eyes and the rising and falling on a sturdy trunk member, I felt a chill run over her shoulders ... leaving shivers down your spine ... .holodok crept into the hollow between the buttocks and left ... I'm a little cold ... completely naked, wobble you ... you pulled me dressed, carefully wrapped and continued to love me ...
This "dance night" under the quiet hum of the plane ... in front of the man ...... it drives me crazy ... I closed my eyes ... well ... not strong tremors ... soft ... you can swing on forever ... feeling that I fall asleep ... you kissed my lips and hugging her waist tightly began to enter more rapidly and profoundly changing pace ... I felt squeezed my girl ... .drozha on your penis and pouring copiously smazochki ... vzhav a most deeply you stopped ... and my bosom was hot against thy seed which generously enveloped inside of me ... I looked at peeping ... this can not be ... in his look and attitude, I realized that he finished ... stenochki my vagina trembled all experienced and seen ... powerful juicy orgasm like a boa constrictor paralyzed me from the inside the whole, and got out ... I'm not holding back and not controlling the emotions languid sigh ... she issued him moan ......
silence ... warm your lips kissing my temple ... how long was I out ... the caring hands of your dress me ... like me nice and warm ... I curled up to you nose rubbing on your cheek unshaven ... thorny ... in my ear softly whisper "orgasm in the air? - this is what I wanted ... thank you ... I wish, "...........................
Not that the German did not give me. I probably was just too lazy to deal with them. But in any case, I have not shirked from household activities because of extra lessons one on one with his teacher. Maria S., it was a woman of about 30, of those who are called plump. It is in any case was not fat, but still had a ball shape. She was a strict teacher and descent who did not give any. And then one day ...
I went to evening classes. To say that I was angry - not say anything. The fact that the head is still standing events 15 minutes ago, when my girlfriend and me in full Fingering sucking, swallowing my end to its full length, smacking his lips and looking into my eyes ... when suddenly, in an instant before I have already come, filled with sperm her small mouth slut, come into the apartment and her parents ... she pulls out my cock and starting to dress, said that I should bring down ...
Of course, I am thinking about a German I could not do. And I thought ... Yes, as many have guessed, I'm staring at a huge ass his teacher, her boobs are incredible size, her legs covered only to the knee black skirt .... How was the hour and a half I did not notice, I just woke up from severe "Ivanov, Come on, Come here!". It turns out all already left the office we Marya Sergeyevna were alone in the office.
I stood up and walked over to her. Prof lowered their eyes in bewilderment at my pants. Naturally, my dick barely held back zipper pants. I, without thinking twice, and not particularly understanding what I was doing, grabbed the teacher's ass and pulled her toward him, glaring at her lips with his. I expected anything: slaps, shouts, but not the fact that it will open the zipper on my pants and grab my cock and the other hand, take up my ass and middle fingers begin to stroke my anus. After some time, we otlipli from each other and quickly undressed. She had a great body, I usually do not like those, but now ... now I wanted her ... for everyone, in all positions and in all holes ...
She playfully smiled and said:" We had to deal with the language ... Come on show me what you can do ..." and he sat on the desk, legs apart and showed me neatly shaved pubis. "Shut up whore!" I called gave her a slap in the face and grabbed his hair sharply bent and planted his mouth on my dick:"Suck bitch, suck, bl8d, yeah ...." I frantically began to fuck her mouth, not paying attention to the protests and otbrykivaniya ... But not for long ... after a couple of minutes, I took out my end of her mouth and released a jet of sperm in her eyes, nose, mouth.
"Swallow, Th froze?" She obediently took the dick in his hand and slightly podrachivaya began to lick and suck the sperm leftovers. Then I was very surprised that all I did, but then ... "Good ... good swallow, and now look what's your ass, but-well, turn around" She got cancer, leaning on the desk, and my eyes given the sweetheart of her ass ... It was a lot of grease ... my process, too, was wet and slippery and uchitelka not even have time to say anything in protest, as the howl of pain .. ..
Member entered her ass quite sharply and freely, but I know from my ass, it hurts ... jerks dick I began to drive her into the rectum. She howled and cried out in pain, and I enjoyed it with our view in the mirror ... her shaking tits, ass ... "Yes Yes Yes Yes" Start crying shout it .... I began to wonder if she is really a slut, what she is capable ... The street was in May, warm and not raining. I opened the window, put her cancer on the windowsill so that her chest and face were obkonchalsya on the street .... and finally put a dick in her pussy.
The first time, she huddled in an orgasm almost immediately, but I did not give her a break and fucked, and fucked .... She was moaning and screaming all around, soon under the window was about to crush of onlookers, who saw what was happening, and we have it only spurred ... I made her cry, for what it bl8d, she's my slut .... And so, I felt the familiar warmth in the abdomen .... I did not bother taking out a member of her teacher, just started to pour out his juice into her pussy.
"No, no, not me", Huddled crowd ... she said laughing friendly and I only hit her in the face and grabbed by the hair stronger, she was subjected to. Ten minutes later, I calmly smoked around me raved boys, rust over what they had just seen, but I did not care. Maria S., remained in the same naked (!) Building ran to wash ...
After this incident, she left, but sorry, this obedient whores I've never met. Hey! Marya Sergeyevna, if you podrachivaya her pussy rastrahannuyu read this story email me at [email protected] repeat ...
By the way, I forgot to say that it's almost the truth)
Sky, smoked jackdaws, screamed like a human. She covered her ears and closed her eyes, but the sky has not disappeared, and the crows shouted even louder.
"Well, got drunk again ..." - She thought.
The doorbell shook her back to reality. Jackdaws turned a crowd of guests, and the sky - the old plaster. She went to open.
Of course, it was Cockatoo - sexless, big-nosed, full of motley rags sewn on a live thread chatter. Nobody treated him seriously, starting with himself. So he was all love and accepted everywhere.
- All garbage, baby, but good pistons! - He used to say to his interlocutors, regardless of gender and age. "kids" melted, particularly those that are older ...
She heartily kissed Kakadu and was going to close the door when she discovered that the parrot was not the old one. His friend, like a plumber, was standing with a look as if the wrong address.
Kakadu could bring anyone and everyone knew that his habit of long ago come to terms with it. Therefore, she did not surprised the guest looked for something worthy of attention.
Nothing was found, and she returned to the crowd, accustomed to dissolve it.
"Plumber"Not related to the number of poets, musicians, artists and geniuses, in the get-together has dissolved and precipitated and sat at a table in a corner and took out a bottle of vodka. He looked around for a drinking companion, but the table was empty, and slept for him fashion, like a broken mannequin on account of not going.
For some reason, she wanted to have a drink with a gloomy stranger, and she sat at the table opposite. He is without further ado poured two piles, and they clinked softly. On closer inspection, the guest does not sound like a plumber in his eyes, staring at the visitors over her shoulder, cast something cold and stainless.
She wondered. And she was angry that the guest considers the guests behind her, not paying any attention to it. So it seemed to her. She stood up, walked around the table and sat down next to him.
- Interesting people, right? - She asked, legitimately proud of the ability to collect Gromokipyaschy company.
- You know them all? - He asked in response. The voice was good, but too even-tempered, for her taste.
- Yes. For example, the one on which you are staring - known in narrow circles of the singer.
- Sings well?
- No. But the results here of musicians who play well.
- Interesting.
- You're lying. Anything you're not interested.
- Good. Lying. - He smiled. - Not interested. Drink more?
She shook her invisible helicopter and shook her head, throwing extra hops.
- With pleasure. - She was intrigued by the man threw the click of her world. She regarded his behavior as a challenge and accepted it. - Why do we drink?
- For your city. I love it, although there are less and less here.
- What's wrong?
- Job.
- And where do you work? Europe? America? Or maybe Japan? Now it is fashionable. You have kind of a specialist.
- Under Murmansk - said narrow specialist with an emphasis on "a"- So, according to your classification probably Europe.
- Wow - She said, and imagined Russia, which began for the ring road and consisted of rusty armature protruding from the snow drifts. She shivered. - And how do you live there?
- Come - see. In a nutshell, do not tell.
- Even then, - She shivered. - I'd rather you to us.
- Let's drink, but ... - His eyes flashed a steely glare. He knocked over his glass and put it on the table as the spent case.
- No offense ... - She felt guilty and put her hand on his fingers. Her fingers burned Neznamov than, and she withdrew her hand.
- Good. I will not. What are you ... and live?
- How - so? - She was surprised.
- Well ... - He hesitated. - Noisy, or something ...
- You want to say - muddled, pointless, stupid?
- I did not say that.
- But the thought.
- No. ... I think about something else.
- About what?
- On your lips.
- Here is how? - It is felt in the hands of a trump card, the phrase was from her world. - And what do you think of them?
- I can imagine how they would look without lipstick.
She smiled, took a napkin from the table and carefully wiped her lips.
- Well, how?
- Handsomely. - He smiled and reached for the bottle. Along the way he touched her elbow, and her current hit again.
- You are fighting the current as the electric ray.
- It's ... It's a static voltage. Year without movement creates something similar.
- You what, running a dummy? .. - She glanced at the sleeping designer.
- No. I'm on the other movements.
- Unclear.
- Okay, I will say this, that it is clear. Year without a woman.
- A-ah ... - She sighed in disappointment. Everything was easier than she thought. Then she looked into his eyes and realized that all tangled again.
He poured vodka into a stack, and they had another one. This glass is embossed stool, hung her in a drunken prostration, where emotion and delight coexisted with nausea and nowhere grafted anguish.
The middle of the evening took place in the unconscious. She regained consciousness only in bed. The man was lying nearby, also naked. The windows began to dawn.
They made love with the fervor with which Our people rush to the platform much too late and the train. Guests are still struggling shock, but now it was the way. It is no different metropolitan skill on the part of obscene kisses, his gentleness was something provincially-fashioned. Through the tender and then broke through the rough, not knowing quench hunger. He had big, strong hands and powerful arm, where it hung over and over again with a limp skinned carcasses. They did not talk much, and just huddled in the throes of melancholy delight, she shed tears and words whose meaning she did not understand ...
Then she wondered how many days, months or years lasted this delight. And where were all the guests ... (it turned out that he put all of the door, including Kakadu and a sleeping handsome man, who personally delivered to the hands in the warm basement). And yet ... She could not understand what made her the man with the steely-eyed ...
Chronicle of further developments.
In the morning guests went to his Tmutarakan. She barely pulled herself together and called for an explanation Kakadu, where he picked up his friend's strange ... and how it can be contacted. Old Parrot said that he met with the guest in Pivnyak on Stoleshnikov and does not know know where to look for it now.
She longed, and became like a schoolgirl, quietly loving his accidental companion. Past environment seemed bored her, she broke up the guests and lived alone, sitting on a diet of memories. A month later, a letter came from him - a warm, old-fashioned and very serious. In the letter it interested two lines most of all - the return address on the envelope. It was the name of a military unit, and the nearby town to her.
She gathered belongings, called Kakadu midnight and stayed with him in the kitchen for a bottle of vodka, saying goodbye to him and with herself. Then they went to bed and gently, in a friendly, caressed each other for the road.
The next morning she went to the town indicated on the envelope, and, after a long search, found a needle in a haystack hay human. He was an officer in the middle ranks, had lived in a dull garrison and looked strong, healthy and unhappy man. Seeing her, he visibly staggered, and for a long time could not recover. Fortunately, he did not have no wife, no children (an option that simply does not occur to spacey city Thing).
Her arrival created a furore in the garrison, which only emphasizes the dullness perfect cleanliness and order. Breaking into monochrome everyday laconic and exhausted people drinking, she decked them in every way.
Her life was a favorite with the laconic, relaxed and happy. By noon she was recovering after a night of fun, rest of the time preparing for their evening chanting. Polar night liking her owl character. Her body is at rest and harmony, which it previously did not know. The soul deceived body with emotion lasted a whole year, but in the day and hour of the first sunrise soul shuddered and looked around drunk, badly zablestevshimi eyes.
These new eyes She looked around her new salon, which, of course, consisted of the colors of the local officers and began to gather a week after her arrival. Meticulously selecting the man who was the local, martial kind of Kakadu, she started a flirtation. After a short time flirting buried in a deadlock betrayal, which has become known to all ...
Chronicle ends with an event in the same old-fashioned and does not fit into any framework, as well as all that preceded it. This event is called a duel, and it happened in a grove of stunted just five minutes ago. Husband killed on the spot, he was lying in the snow with rusty dead eyes. Lover wounded. She ran to the scene too late ...
...Sky, smoked jackdaws, screamed like a human. She covered her ears and closed her eyes, but the sky has not disappeared, and the crows shouted even louder.
- All garbage, baby, - said the voice of the gun Kakadu - but good pistons ...
© Mr. Kiss, one hundred fragments of feelings, 1998-1999
When possible, I write down their partners to the camera that is on my mobile.
I have a smart phone and it has a program with which I can encode the video and one without a code will not be able to view this video. And when I turn on the computer, the video clip to throw, while removing the video from mobile phones.
But, sometimes I forget to encode your videos and have one neighbor, twenty years old, who just loves poking around in my phone. . . .
I have long felt vibes emanating from it. But somehow not given the case, to include it in their list of adventures.
In the summer my mother, well, basically, I think, like all mothers, cooks jam and compote.
Our neighbor from the fifth floor Aunt Lucy (Sveta's mother), promised to give mom a new recipe for cooking.
It is for this recipe and I went up to him.
- Who's there? - I heard the voice of Aunt Lucy.
- This is me Magikov
I clicked, the lock and the door opened.
I'll tell you so women I had a lot and all I thought and still think the one and only. But Aunt Lucy, despite her age (thirty-eight years old), was so beautiful and wonderful that I am stronger and stronger like it, every time he saw.
She was wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt, the fabric which is so tight to the body that is not a small chest of Aunt Lucy, tempted and excited.
- My mother sent me the recipe, aunt Lyus - I said
- Yes, I know - she said - We had talked on the phone.
- Mom, come on quickly - shouted from the kitchen, her daughter, Sveta.
- Come handsome - she invited me - I was making something, when your mother called.
I closed the door and followed her into the kitchen.
Buttocks she had that right.
I promised myself that time comes, I will clap to these buttocks. But for this I need to come up with the right approach to it. . . .
Light prevented something in a saucepan. .
- Why are you shouting and? - Strict mother said her daughter - Give him even stir, and you go just a lazy, no good there from you.
We switched to the dark place. And she sat on the couch that stood there in the kitchen.
- I'm going to explain to your mother what was going on.
I nodded in agreement.
- How do you do that your translator? - Asked Sveta
- Will, how are you?
- Will, you can live.
- I take away with them the keys - we heard the voice of Aunt Lucy
- What's New translated? - Light asked, paying no attention to his mother.
- While silence, recently'll take the case.
- Got something new in Mobile? - She asked.
- It seems like it was - I said, holding out the phone.
From the pan was a high fever, and I was so engrossed in his work that time forgot about the Light.
- And like your fight frend? - I asked - there promote it.
- Mmm - she sprained an answer - Just today, took me by the hand.
I laughed, while not ceasing to interfere with the boiling liquid in the pan.
- Well, you yourself make a step forward - I said
But he received no answer. I looked toward the light.
She stared at the screen display.
"Hmm - I thought - What's New, she found me on the phone, I lost interest in the conversation. I then noticed that her hands were trembling, and breathing has changed. Tying it together, I suddenly realized that she was looking at. Me from head to toe enveloped pleasant chill. She certainly looked the video clip where I do blowjob two girls (I have more to say about it). I forgot to encode video.
These thoughts distracted me and my hand touched a hot pan.
- Ah - I shouted
Light already jumped up from their seats.
- Damn - I said, blowing on the burn.
Light, I got a first aid kit from the bedside table and began to process my hand.
- Do not worry - she said - will live to see the wedding.
While she did this, I'd love looking at her breasts.
She was wearing a light shirt and when she bent down over his hand, I could see her breasts. Bra on it was not.
Her breasts were as big as that of the mother. Pink nipples and pulled to her. I wanted it, and in my mind for a few seconds, matured a plan of action.
- In that way you looked carefully at me on the phone? - I asked a question, when she finished.
- Nothing special - she said sharply.
I reached for my phone, but it was ahead of me.
She brushed Mobil under the pillow.
- I do not understand - I said - Give me the phone.
- No - she said, and looked me straight in the eye.
The pupils were dilated Sveta.
"Heck - I thought"
In front of me was excited female. And it's not pretty, if I did not quench her thirst. I pulled her to him and stared at her beautiful lips.
I was twelve, I read everything about the sexual life of the Kama Sutra to the Sumerian techniques. I always know when and at what point and how to kiss women, in order to raise them even more exciting.
From fifteen seconds of the kiss, his legs buckled Amy, she hung around my neck with his eyes closed.
I held her tighter, while holding her buttocks.
She was in such a state that a woman will agree on everything.
I literally tore his lips from her, she barely opened her eyes. I sat her on the couch and pulled upright standing member.
Her eyes widened as she looked at my dignity as if a member of the first saw (although it may be as large as I have seen for the first time).
I fully lowered trousers and pants. He took her by the head and and asked:
- What are you waiting for?
She looked at me.
- But. . . - She could not finish.
I put a member of her mouth.
Light does not confused and started to suck my cock.
She is not bad it turns out.
Slowly it took until the middle and slowly released because of his mouth. One hand was played with eggs, on the other hand was clutching my buttocks. Lisa head slightly sucking and biting.
I removed it from its members. He turned his back to her and sat her on the couch on all fours. She lifted her skirt and pulled her panties. Vagina she was pink. I spread the fingers of her good and stuck his dick.
- Oh - she moaned and buried her face in the pillow.
I was a little cramped in its cave. Due to lubrication sochivshey of it, I was able to poke a member deeper. I did five shallow and one deep penetration, then seven shallow and two deep penetration.
She did not know exactly when it will be a powerful impetus and will last as usual penetration. I am a hands parted her buttocks and anus Amy admired. Anus she was, like the bosom of pink.
"It will be necessary to me - I thought - her ass necessarily capitalized".
But, I decided to leave it for later. Now it will me always available. A few minutes later I was fucking her, but deep thrusts.
She moaned and begged him not to stop.
Actually, I was sixteen years old learned to control his orgasm. I can prolong intercourse by half an hour to hour and a half. I like it a long time without success, but when I realized the reason I immediately learned it.
The problem is that we are men having sex, try to finish faster. I did not think to finish, I was wondering pleasure World.
I lay down on her and penetrated all the stronger and faster. I put his hand under her and got to her clitoris. Fingers, I placed at the base of her clit and began to move in time with his thrusts. When I was part of it, my fingers moved the fold of the clitoris to the left, when he left, the fingers are moved to the right. I know that the timing needs to be done is not a long time.
When her moans became louder and more often, I realized that it would soon be over, and move faster. And, my fingers plucked at the spread of the clitoris.
And finally, it was quiet, and her body began to tremble.
At the time of orgasm, it is better not to make any sudden movements. I began to gently massage her breasts and sometimes moved his pelvis. When her convulsions have passed, I came out of it ... pulled her back her underwear, pulled her skirt and turned her toward him.
She opened her eyes languidly, it was clear that I can not wait for the normal blowjob, I began to fuck her in the mouth, sometimes making deep overhangs, from which she began to cough. I tuned in to an orgasm and began to move faster. In my quiet moans, Light realized that I'll finish, and wanted was to free his mouth, but I did not let her do it. I held her head and making a swift but not deep overhangs, it began to pour into her mouth.
The flow of sperm was not frail. I did not give her to step back and ordered:
- Swallow.
She shook her head.
- I'm not gonna get until you swallow.
Of course, I risked it could bite my dick. But Light has chosen swallowing. It was only when she swallowed. I released her mouth, pulling the still quite strong member.
Light grabbed the mineral water that was on the table and ran to the bathroom to rinse your mouth.
I continued to work, that asked me to Aunt Lucy.
- I'll kill you - I shouted Light with toilet.
"Yeah - I thought - this much I promise"
When Aunt Lucy returned, the Light immediately ran away, she said to her friend, I said goodbye and went home.
I wrote down everything in its electronic diary and wanted to call it was, one princess and say that I come, but could not find his mobile. At this time, the home phone rang, and according to his mother realized that called Aunt Lucy. "Oh shit - I thought - Mobil stayed with them and obviously roller automatically scroll"
I smiled ....
To be continued.
PS. I want readers to know that everything I have written is true.
And all the tricks and the words that I say, and my behavior in the stories give those guys that can not hesitate and contact with women, good food for thought.
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