Morning rays penetrating through the closed eyelids, as if shouting: Get up! Time to wake up! Come on, sluggard! A new day is already here!

I tried to close them with a blanket, but the dream is no longer going. Reaching out, he sat down on the bed. Christina was not in the room. Memories of last night a torrent filled the sleepy head, and a blissful smile visited my face. After sitting in the half-forgotten a couple of minutes, I got out of bed, pulled on their home shorts, sneakers and pulled trudged toward the kitchen.

- Hello! Awoke? - A smile, greeted me Dima - Coffee will be?
- Good. I'm more on the tea. And what happened to the girl?
- They said that they need to absent himself, for 40 minutes as there is.
- Have not you sleep?
- So before leaving and awakened.
- Clearly, I type Khrystyna later.
- Clearly not bother - brunette muttered, sipping coffee.
I brewed myself some tea and sat down in front of yesterday's lover. Some awkwardness hung in the air. We both looked at something "interesting" outside. However, before his eyes swam pictures last night, and I remembered how we were attached to the follies of our women.
What changed? From this embarrassment? No, two days ahead, and we must do something and not sit in silence and wait for something.
- I'm in the shower, how about you rinse?
- With pleasure - brightened Brunette, putting a cup and looking me in the eye.
- Come then, and then you can relax, yesterday brandy should be cast out.
- That's exactly it will be necessary to go for the beer, to heal - Dima emptied his cup and rose steadily.
I noticed that his penis confidently pulls his pants.
- What are you thinking? - I smiled, never taking his eyes from the causal place.
- About you - I winked and disappeared in the direction of the bathroom.
Hesitated a moment, I went after visiting the toilet before it, to "freshen up" a boon to all of this there was no, and even a bidet.

Cool drops drummed on the not yet awakened skin. Dima twisted the tap handle, trying to capture the perfect balance of heat and cold.
I watched as the water flowing in his tanned body. To be honest, I never imagined sex with a man alone in my fantasies with me has always been Christie. But when he turned to me and his cock like a pointer, confident look in my direction, I was ready to fall on the same site. Yesterday everything was easier, but now, I only glanced at this beautiful body, and his head thrown back, her hair began to lather tempted. that's why only? A moment ago I was determined, and now that's it, beautiful, naked, ready, I pretend that just want to take a shower? But handsome is not left my head and hide their desires failed. Member treacherously filled with force, unable to resist the disturbing thoughts.

Something wet and warm touched me between my legs. At the same moment I felt a gentle lips are closed around the head and tongue playfully walking on its surface.

Strangled, barely audible groan with a low wheeze escaped from my chest. I opened my eyes. Dima on his knees and looked up. My trunk was half hidden in his mouth. Drops of water poured over his face, making his eyes squint saving.
When I caught his eye, confusion rasstayal like a snowflake, went down on his hand. She caressed his cheek, drew to itself. Black released a cock and a wet head slid down his face as he climbed.
- What we shy? After yesterday's something - I smiled, and our bodies pressed together.
- I do not know, I could not find a place for himself, did not know how to behave when you're awake. So stupid - my lips smiled with his counterpart.
I grabbed his strong body, strongly pressed to her and dug his hand into a smooth elastic ass.
- Now I know exactly what I want.
- You will not mind? - He did not finish, did not wait for an answer, just fell at his lips to mine. I never wanted to kiss with a man, but his lips, hot, humid, still retained the smell of my penis ... In general, I did not answer with words, but just let him into her mouth.

He stroked my back, I squeezed his ass. Our tongues explored each other, interwoven in the dance. Passion overwhelmed the room and it seemed that the water will soon fizzle, steaming on our skin.
I closed my eyes. Damn it. I closed my eyes for a Man kissing. Passionately. Yielding to this whole kiss. Think about this before, I would say: "No, this can not happen to me." But it happened, and my free hand, squeezed between us, greedily caressed sturdy trunk lover.
- We went into the room? - Panting, I whispered with his lips. Dima bit his earlobe and passionately breathed: - I want you.

Kissing wandering hands on wet skin, striking the wall of the hallway, something we both burst into the room. I pushed the brunette on the couch and swung down on his knees, leaning his full strength member. I wanted it as much as he wanted me.
- um, he's so sweet - I sighed, looking up for a moment from the caresses, and the next moment swallowed a member to its full length. Supple flesh filled the throat and tongue stretched to the testicles.
- why do not we met before? - Lamented Dima, pressing on the back of the head, to dive deeper. Very slowly, I looked up again, feeling every cell, as a member, repeating bends my throat out. Take a breath, put his lips head. I caressed and sucked it to the next second again pierced his throat.
Dima got up from the couch, and his strong hands began to twist my body. Before I knew it, he made me a candle. Black flexed my legs and rested his back on the edge of the sofa. In this position, my cock looked me straight in the face, and the hole was open for passionate caresses. I looked up at the ceiling in anticipation of the further development of our game.

Dima knelt beside my head. His beautiful member hovered over my face. Such a sweet, alluring, he shone by my saliva. With the tip of the hanging drop of sticky, like morning dew that is about to fall through into the soft earth. Dima leaned over and rested after yesterday my ass felt the passion of all the male lip. I opened my mouth, inviting a drop fell on the tongue, and felt her tart, slightly salty flavor, greedily clung to the burning flesh. My lover substitute your testicles, pulling his dick. He sat down on the face smooth ass, and then, with a new force drives the boy between his lips my groaning.
I felt his tongue pushing welcoming anus.
The moans of pleasure filled the room.

- And why is your favorite hiding a treasure of men - aspirated, up from licking my hole, brunette whispered. His nimble fingers penetrated the coveted passage and bound him in different directions.
- I want you! - He bent down and repeatedly sucked my balls.
- Fuck me - pleading in his voice moaned lips - I want you in me, please!
Without relaxing the tension, lover again licked ring and rose. Quickly finding a tube of grease, he was watering her my ass, and with his free hand to smear it over the skin around. When the grease inside me everything started to squish, Dima fell in on me and put his penis in the anus hungry.
- You lover chic - Look into my eyes, breathed brunette. I firmly pressed his feet to the body and swollen head penetrated me.
- Yeah - he escaped a groan. No pain, just a sweet feeling of fullness - enter deeper still - I'm not moaning, but something inside of me. For something like a fire creature.

Slowly at first, my new friend got into me. Ring anus tightly wraps hot flesh, following her movements. Gradually the pace of the rise, and that's like a whore in me with disposable consumer hammering strong member!
We looked into each other's eyes. A look of passion.

I almost cried, biting his lips. I felt like my good lover, but I was even better. Dima entered not vertically, due to posture, he had to fuck me at an angle, causing bloodshot head is constantly pressed on the singular point, forcing my cock shudder. Long withstand his onslaught had no strength, and long-awaited finale made me zahripet.

A thick jet of sperm escaped from the shuddering member. It just flowed on my face, not planning to stop there, and I listened eagerly to her mouth. Noticing my final Dima quickly left. Again he did with me what he wants, spit me, and now I'm on my knees, and its trunk swaying in front of me. Lips immediately wrapped around his dick ready to explode. Just a couple of seconds, the tongue made brunet finish. I have not had time to swallow his sperm as a new stream hit the palate. With greed, I gratefully took every shot, not letting the head of the captivity of the lips.
- What do you insatiable - kneeling whispered my friend. I have not had time to swallow all the sperm - gone - Dima passionately clung to my lips stained by launching their lustful tongue into my mouth. We kissed, and a thick white liquid flowed from me to him, dripping down his chin, dripping on his chest. And two other stained limply fell to the floor.

- You're the best - I breathed, stroking his chest heaving Diema.
- I bet one of us is the best - he moved, and secretly kissed my lips - we chatted before bed with Nastya, she is on you crazy. And we hope to be friends families.
- So you are not a family, get married, it is a smart girl, and you are very fit.
- Yes, I know - smiling brunette climbing - just planning to propose to her, but a little later, maybe a month. Let's go take a shower, while the girls did not come back?
- Come on, can not hurt to rinse, and probably warmed sauna. And yes, I would have wanted the four of us were friends.

We went to wash themselves of the consequences of our game, and the warm jets of water quickly led us in a sense. Cool off in the sauna, went for a beer, cool misted bottles clinked when we returned to the room and sat down to play the console.
Our girls have returned only a couple of hours.

To be continued...

I will be glad to your comments and Laika. I apologize to those who hoped to see here women, a little bit wanted to reveal our relationship with Dima. Everything will just wait for the continuation.
    Why do young girls prefer to love life the older men? Yes, because they are not limited to primitive vsun-vysun, and take care that it was pleasant to both. Anyway, so I reasoned Marina. Relationships with peers did not suit her, and too much they gossiped about their "exploits" in bed, thereby causing an increasing loathing. Marina has recently attracted to online dating. In the future, it is expected to meet with one of her new fans - Vladimir.

Photographs are not exchanged in advance, so the two had a surprise - either pleasant or not. Marina long thought, what she wear, eventually stopped the choice on a denim skirt and a bright orange blouse, baring her shoulders coquettishly. Tanned skin deliciously contrasted with platinum shade of dyed hair. Slightly wavy curls gave way sweetness girl. If not for her outfit, then you can safely be assumed that the angel in front of you in the flesh. By the way, about the figure. Marina was the happy owner of seductive forms - to the best of stout hips and ass, elastic sisechki third the size it is combined with the circumference of her waist and almost flat belly - he was not hung in folds over the cherished triangle, but at the same time did not stick to the walls of the stomach and He created the Mariana Trench near the hip joint. Do not let that reference 90-60-90, but true connoisseurs of female beauty is for what.

Vladimir turned blonde medium growth. Liquid his hair was slicked towards the receding hairline at the nape. The stocky, muscular man of about thirty-five or forty. was written in his questionnaire and thirty-two, but then the Marina is not nineteen ... Volodya was dressed in a slightly old-fashioned denim suit and shirt. The girl thought he was not her type, too old for her, and something in him alarmed, forcing the heart to tremble with fear. Blond offered to sit in a cafe nearby, but the Marina seemed shameful to appear with him in public, the more that they could see some of your friends. It was decided to stock up at the supermarket wine and fruit, and then go to the apartment. She convinced boyfriend to go shopping yourself, promising during this time will not disappear from the venue.

    Actually Marina doubt whether to continue in a more intimate acquaintance with the situation arising out consequences. She did not like chunky blonde, he frightened her with something inexplicable, but dangerous. The right time to return home, but also with fear and doubt into the soul gnawing sense of curiosity and lust body responded. Uncertainty and unsympathetic Vladimir and repelled and attracted irresistibly into his arms. There was a special charm in anticipation of possible danger and the sweetness of sex. From blonde literally smelled like a male. And a thin trail of expensive perfume and musk mature man intoxicating act of the marina. She decided to give in to temptation.

    The blond, meanwhile, returned from the supermarket and has already managed to catch a taxi. there was no turning back. Marina sat in the back seat of car, Volodya perched beside her. While the driver was traveling in a given direction, the blonde put his hand on the knee of the girl. He could not wait to slip much higher, but then there was a risk not cope with them and to have sex in a taxi directly in front of the driver. The last corner of my eye looking at a sweet couple. He saw them eagerly kissing the girls legs apart gently caresses meet. Vladimir did not resist and penetrated his hand under her panties Marina. She became, in response to stroke and knead the hill on his jeans. The taxi driver was ready to begin to masturbate looking at lewd couple, but somebody has to carry cars. Member of the driver stood stake. Lady lead to impotence that the taxi driver spying on them, and the blonde did not pay attention to anything except the juicy young body. He wanted to explore and caress his every millimeter, every cell. Rather, to get to the apartment!

    Finally we arrived. Vladimir wanted to lash out at the marina right in the corridor, but then decided to delay the entry into the coveted pussy. He put on the table, filled the glasses with wine. She swallowed nervously burgundy semi-sweet nectar, lighting a cigarette every fifth sip. She was afraid and almost silent. Vladimir tried to get her to talk, but to no avail. He enthusiastically admired her lips, smooth curves of her neck and shoulders, hemispheres girl's chest. "It is time to taste its sweet fruits" - thought the blond girl and offered to use his bathroom. He would be very happy to expiate Woman enjoying the view of her young body, but thought that it probably hesitate. While Marina was splashing in the bath, Vladimir sniffed his fingers. They still kept intoxicating smell pisechki that he so enthusiastically will caress all night and if you're lucky, even all morning. After water procedures Marina for some reason pulled up all his clothes instead of simply wrapped in a towel.

    The girl's body was tense, even wine and a warm shower is not relaxed it completely. Blonde led her into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed. He took off his jacket and Marina saw underneath the shoulder holster. There was clearly a gun. She felt even worse. Vladimir noticed that the girl's eyes widened, and hastened to explain that he had in one of the state agencies worked, and the weapon itself left an acquaintance, from street thugs to be able to protect themselves in case anything happens. While blonde taking a shower, she sat still as a statue. Her eyes were glued to the holster. At the head of a swarm swarmed different thoughts. She was afraid that she might kill, coerce to something degrading, or something like that. The gun seemed hypnotized Marina. She could leave if I wanted to. Could not enter into an intimate relationship with the blonde, but a pleasant languor in the abdomen indicated that the risk would be justified - pleasure she gets off.

    Blonde came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel bottleneck. It looks more like a white loincloth slave. Only in this situation submissive slave felt Marina. Vladimir was for her mysterious master.

- Let me help you undress - suggested the blonde.
- Well, - she agreed meekly.

    Oh yeah, he so wanted his own to remove her clothes, touching the delicate skin and savoring every moment baring her seductive body fragments. Marina stood up and turned her back to Vladimir. First, he hugged her and breathed in the scent of her hair - a floral-citrus, intoxicating. Then inching slowly removed the girl's blouse, kissed her between the shoulder blades, tasting her tender skin. I cope with buckles bra, revealing a warm and elastic breast. What a pleasure to cover them with their hands and kneading, stroking, twirl hardened nipples! Marina trembled with every cell of his body. Fear mixed with lust. Skirt girl fell to her feet with the panties. Blond took off his towel and put his member in the hollow between appetizing polupopiyami Marina.

    He wanted her madly. Of the last forces restraining himself not to plunge its sting in the bosom of the girl, Vladimir carefully laid it on the bed. How he wanted to cling to the tempting pussy lips! To what it delicious, juicy, tender! Blonde sucking and licking the clitoris bud, merged in a kiss flushed with swollen lips and bruised his tongue in the narrow and wet hole. Marina trembled and trembled at his touch, she wanted more and more to feel his tongue and lips on her pussy. Vladimir was torn between the desire to continue to caress the ripe pea clitoris with thin petals lips and the desire to feel on his penis Marina sponge, watching as she caressed him. Blonde reluctantly pulled away from the delicious pussy.

- You too can caress it, - Vladimir offered, directing his rebel close to the mouth of Marina.
- Yes, I can, - timidly she whispered, and lowered his lips on the penis.

    Suck it did not know how, but I tried. The blond grabbed one glance, one of awareness that young girl caresses his dick soft sponge and warm wet mouth. Vladimir enthusiastically watched stroking sisechki Marina, for the way her lips compressed tight ringlet around the head and down to the base of the penis to slide back up to the head. No, he can no longer tolerate. I'd like to lips sex girl as gently clasped his cock. This is madness! What made him a young devil? Although, no, she-devil, and lovely goddess!

- In what position do you want, what I would have seized thee, - I asked the blonde.
- I do not know - shy girl, she was always difficult to give free rein to their desires and pronounce them.
- Then I will come on top of - croaked Vladimir - casting legs on my shoulders.

    He was a member of her pussy slowly, savoring every second, every millimeter of penetration. The narrow hole, tight-tight stenochki, pleasant smoothness and slip enveloping warmth of her womb - is not pleasure! Along the way, the blonde watched as the girl lifted the chest with shortness of breath. Here it increases the amplitude of tremors and sees her sisechki swaying to the beat of frictions. Vladimir then tweaks nipples Marina, then stroking her clean-shaven lobochek. He can not get enough of her body. There is still a whole night of love ...
    Jeanne Adventures in the intensive care unit continued. Arkady V. could not finish. The poor woman has no memory of himself surging to her feelings. She was hurt, and pleasant. She wanted to get rid of an orderly and stop his sodomy ass, but at the same time did not want to Arkady V. stopped. Medic is quite grinning. Tabletochki did not let us down - stone risers promised to be lengthy.

The Chamber went Pahan - puny little man of indeterminate age. Liquid goatee and dimensionless points added to his image of a gray shade rather absurdly, than solidity. Working as an orderly and having behind a crust of nursing, groin fancied himself at least a laureate in the field of medicine and professor of the Nobel Prize in the field of surgery, dermatology, cardiology, and other things.

- Ay-ay-ay, Arkady V. that for moveton - zhuril "professor" counterpart - as you allow yourself to treat a lady?
    - I called you not to read notation, sick of them. Join us and be gone on to study its knizhentsii Academician fucking - angry male nurse, still wield a member in the ass of his prisoner.
    - Professor, academician and not - blew sponges kozloborody thin. - You are not a lady offered to make love on a bed. Do not fuck her shame in such an awkward position, leaning it on the dirty window sill? By the way, what's your name, dear creature? Let me kiss your beautiful hand.

Not waiting for an answer, "intellectual" like a leech attached myself to the marble-white skin. First he fixed his lips to Jeanne's hand, and then began to crawl rough tongue between her fingers, moving gradually to them one obsasyvanie. Orderly at this time continued poebyvat woman, ignoring the escapades colleagues. Pahan, prismoktyvaya Jeanne little finger, already being studied her mezhnozhe. He has not finished writing his scientific work on the anatomy of female charms. Especially "professor" was interested in the vagina. Oh, how his hands and pereschupal perelizal tongue Pahan young and mature pussies! He knew each of them by the smell, taste and tactile sensations. But you can not be distracted for a second.

"Professor," the study continues. At the touch pisechka sufficiently elastic, narrow. Sponges chubby, regular shape. They disclosed against his fingers, crave affection. Very wet, a lot of moisture. The researcher directs the woman's hand in her bosom, then to lick her fingers with a love juice. He likes the new taste. Slightly salty, sweet. And the smell! He's crazy. Nectar Jeanne exudes a scent similar to female beaver grease - it pohlesche any pheromone.

- Arkady V., please move closer to the loving box. I would like to conduct an experiment - asked to plow the importance of adjusting decaying glass Mirror.
    - What will you do with me? - VIEW feigned fright Jeanne.
    - You will be very good, do not worry - reassured "Professor," the woman, gently stroking her pussy lips.

Nurse caught Jeanne by the thigh and defiled to the beds. "Professor" lifted the sheet and presented admiring glances woman member of its Apollo. Lips and hands themselves drawn to it. How it's great! Strangely, no cloying smell. Obviously, one of the beautiful half of nurses suffers adventures to Apollo. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that a member of his glittering crystal-clear and fragrant soap ?! Zhannochka Headers head and clasped her lips - soft, warm and tasty. What a pleasure to taste this cock! Agile fingers fiddling testicles, and mouth woman acquainted with jade stem Apollo. She greedily enveloped her lips the tip of his spear and tried to milk him of another drop of lubricant, as if it was the last sip of sperm in the world.

Arkady V. continued to pull Joan ass on his instrument. He seemed to be so soon, and corn on the causal natret place. Another medic worried slight tickle in the groin area. He thought it was naughty lady handles, trying to get to the scrotum, but in fact it was a big red-haired cockroach that thriftily obsmatrival guests and tried to discover something for yourself tasty. A few cookie crumbs he finally found. And on a shaggy mat comfortably watch. That could see red? Before his eyes flashed a big sausage, fall through between puffy rolls. A few minutes buzz, and Arkady V. cut contemplative life. No one even vaguely caught a quiet crunch of crushed pieces of the bullock. Poor man, he did not know what the outcome of this act of adultery, no longer fool around with her and a female dogryzet cookie crumbs ...

Zhannochka so absorbed Apollo red dragon that did not pay more attention to anything else. "Professor" watching blowjob and simultaneously groping bony fingers into the woman's vagina. He noted that it moisturize more. One would like to one`s mouth to her vulva, but you can not be distracted from the course of the first phase of the experiment. Godfather pulls out a pocket notebook and taking notes. Zhannochka caresses the tongue bridle, then he closes his eyes and begins kissing Apollo Jr. from the head to the testicles. She buries his face in his thick bushes, kissing balls, takes them in her mouth and suck on the line. How she likes to smell it - because the smell real men! Naughty Zhannochka pen continued to caress the red dragon and delicate lips were beating a path from the scrotum to the head. Arkady V. finally ends, uttering at the same time a wild animal roar and paws clutching ass Jeanne. He pulls out his penis and wipes the remnants of sperm on mouth-watering muffins woman and leaves. "Professor," noting that the patient has long been a tool in the alert asks Zhannochka finish fellatio pussy and sit on his cock. The woman obeys. Her sex lips tightly wrapped around the head, the friction inside her vagina. Pleasant feeling of fullness. How beautiful it is! Jeanne comes into the role of a dashing rider and begins a furious pace to skip out on a limb. "Professor", not wasting time, framed his pod to the lips of the test. I sucked she was not enthusiastic, but it was enough to have an erection groin occurred. He and about his experiment had forgotten.

I do not know what these things would have ended adultery, if not a little "but". Hospital walls were quite flimsy and Zhannochka fidgeted on a limb to escape velocity, already went bed shaking. Not surprisingly, from the ceiling crumbled plaster and brick fell on the patient's leg. Thank God only one. Apollo opened his eyes. Professor of the cross and hastened to get away from the scene, leaving Zhannochka to disentangle the effects of a stormy night on their own. Let's hope that Apollo will be a gentleman ...
Funny case of a distant childhood.

At the end of the last century in the villages mostly

They were old men and a dozen children

average age of 8 as in our

if looked after us and for his

old mother (who did not go) -

Aunt Natasha, was in her 10 year old daughter of Light

and 8 year old son and the other children Vova

More 4 single moms working milkmaids

handing us all under the supervision of Aunt Natasha.

We played in the steppe near the village, clay

pulling on a string with the spider holes,

Vova suddenly cried out in pants

that it climbs and scratching in the area pisyuna

shouted wildly and clutching at IDA

shouted even more strongly that as much breath away

we pulled off his pants and departed from them

Hornet huge - twice the size of a wasp,

Vova pisyun began rapidly with the increase and

swelling and Vova without pants shaking sticking

yaldoy ran sobbing along the village to

mom and we followed,

the cry of his mother Natasha ran out and immediately

yelling at us - what have you done with him

but his sister explained that the Light Vova

bit Hornet,

Aunt Natasha took the swollen cock in her hand

son who became swollen so that more than

than an adult man especially in thickness

and considering noticed two centers bite

one in the head and the other at the base.,

holding it in the ore and carefully

considering the member - breathing Aunt Natasha

quickened, flushed face was covered


Vova whiny voice groaned - to treat it,

Aunt Natasha caught on

erecting a bandage cloth moistened spirt

vinegar solution and start applying

as well as a member of the rose that the head

got out of the skin and drops transparent

fluid started to leak.

Natasha was very temperamental 30 years

woman pretty starved man

bandaging prohibitively enlarged member

greatly excited and finished by soon

dressing and panting ran for the hut

and began to knead his hand chest and the other under

skirt tucked,

We looked at each other, not understanding what was going on

We went up to her and began to ask sochusvtvenno

you feel bad, than we can help,

and she almost crying - so leave me

alone and holding it closed in the bath.

When calmed down in the evening she called her daughter

light and showing where to take the bandage and the solution

compresses instructed her to put compresses

and pulled out a dress to wear sister said

his brother until able to wear

panties sticking out of a sensitive


sister brother looked after almost three days

already asleep until the tumor.

Story Seeds of repeated violence summary older sisters.

My father left the family for the sake of higher class elite

prostitutes, and when the mother filed for child support - he took

me to the house of Louise on her behest to my father

I gave her all the money to the head of the corporation - a considerable

Louise salary but greed is boundless.,

and men over 40 do not think that his head often.

Senka was nice, shy of ninth-graders,

brought up in the strict bounds of decency and culturally educated.

On the first day they carried away the three stepsisters

visited the Institute for show more precisely to the time of Providence

and entertainment and sisters struck by his manner of communication,

exquisite table manners and outer beauty,

sisters immediately after lunch dragged him to the second floor, as it were

Seine show his room, head to the far wing of the mansion, and

We made a professional striptease in front of him - (see in

Mom learned throughout)

Not that the Seine did not like - his body could not

longer resist overexcitement and culture education

forced to hide emotions. and discreetly cover

rushing pants have got to hand embroidered bathrobe -

pretending that it is considering the pattern but on its face was red

written - the guy is ripe,

he politely excused himself and went to the door saying you need to

bath and toilet, but he was immediately picked up by bare hands

girls with the words you will disguise ourselves and the third coming up

from the back and hugging him began to unfasten the belt,

pants and gradually pulling pants -

breasts pressed to his buttocks, then stuck her hand between

legs and touching his fingers to the scrotum, and touching her lips to his

buttocks brought him to climax,

holding hands - bent Seeds and sitting on his haunches

Rear - touched his tongue a couple of times the anus and then entered the

the depth of the tongue -

Simon groaned and straightened sharply despite the hold

hands, and the first time in my life had finished pouring semen

parquet and carpet.

Well, you and rate - dissatisfied grumbled sisters

after all it was only a prelude to what we strongly

excited because of you.,

Simon immediately began to apologize - I did and I did not want to

the rest is in the spirit.

They dragged the rest of - the upper part of odёzhi and dragged on

Bed, resulted in a member of squaring off with the help of a blowjob and

saddled steel satisfied jump on a limb,

Since the entire body Semen is very sensitive to tickling.,

Pain., then touch it very quickly adjusted to

orgasm, and three times he finished until one of them to finish. They

We are satisfied

the zasnoshali Seeds to fainting,

The next morning saw Senya usual erotic dream that

make him blow - sharply wakes up, so as not to splash

bed as I used to move here - and sees that

and actually doing blowjob

Outraged sister chuckled swallowing sperm - how can

be the rate of fire licked several times., nap

you are immediately terminated,

and began his training in experimental brother improving

their skills in a variety of poses.

We can not say that Semyon did not like sex., But in this

amount - not stretch long.

and complain about it or who could not, or stepmother or his

his father, who was not up to her son, and a sense of shame weighed.

After visiting his older brother Anatoly could hardly

squeeze out a request to advise how to be, to get away from them

- without means of existence - not to stretch, to live there, now as

squeezed lemon.

Toll suggested some advice - remember how in the early

classes you could not stand the pain and I trained you

ignore the pain, taking pain as usual inalienable

and soon I was not hurt and was able to withstand any pain.,

here likewise, the maximum relax, think

about how small in the manure pile collapsed, - excitement

will be held immediately,

and can easily tolerate harassment, most importantly to relax

for as many as in almost fainted,

in the evening they returned to him and then lay down to sleep, they are here as

here and started with a blowjob, but Semen without giving previous

excitation signs immersed in the meditation which

used to cope with pain,

yes - and that helped a little in the last couple of days so zasnoshali

sensitivity dulled,

but still professionally skillful manipulation of the tongue,

kneading the scrotum, kisses and after half an hour did come orgasm,

they delightedly praised me but I tried everything not to react

orgasm even tried to ignore as much as possible, by

maximum possible relaxed.

They immediately after blowjob tried to put in a fighting stance but thought

Seeds of most disgusting nullified all their efforts,

but they are still masters of their craft and dragging member with eggs

scrunchy still brought into the firing position member,

this time it is finished, double-Simon 1 times.

Since then, I learned to long to finish,

and most importantly of all - and boys and girls are raped when - not

try with all the strength to resist - just a quick orgasm comes,.

It should be possible to relax and think about the

disgusting - then disappear all the sensations,

especially painful, Simon has tested on itself and it is very

It helped him cope with rapists.
- Oh, Max, great! - From the sofa to meet me I stood my old friend, Michael, shaking my hand and patting me on the shoulder.

- Great! - He raised his hand in greeting Igoryok sitting on the couch.

It happened in the apartment of Michael, where I was invited to drink beer and talk for life. Long on a low table near the sofa stood empty beer bottles lay fish and victuals. A week ago, I returned from the army, so the friends accepted the offer without hesitation.

- Let me ... - I heard a quiet voice behind me and instinctively stepped aside.

He slipped past me completely naked girl quickly went to the table, bent over, picked up the empty bottle and, holding them to the bare chest, hurrying out of the room, running past me.

Before she could leave the room, I could see her. Not very tall, looked about eighteen or nineteen, thin enough. When she bent down to the table for bottles - I looked at the thin, pale buttocks girls; she straightened up and turned around - I looked at the neat black curls between her legs, flat tummy. Cute, embarrassed face with slightly slanting eyes, long black hair. Chest I had not considered, the girl pressed to his chest, holding the bottle.

- What kind of ... - I handed surprise, eyes wide.

- Bro, sit down - Mihai sat me down on the couch next to Igorka, he sat on my right, I was sitting between the two friends.

- Beauty! Bring another beer! - Shouted Igoryok, putting on a low table empty bottle.

- Guys, what is it, huh? - I reached out again surprised, looking at the Igorka then Mihai.

- You Vovka Kopeikin remember? Well, he owes us a large sum of money. Really big ... - Mihai began his story.

* * *

And I could not give. We came up to him in the yard of his house, so yes syak when the debt come back to us ... He said that the debt can not return, but sees the solution to the problem. In general, he invited us to his little sister. At first we did not understand him, but he explained to us, they say, the girl can clean the apartment, wash dishes, cook ... And so a few times. We went with him to him, he entered the apartment, and we Igoryok stayed in the stairwell. We stood, waiting, smoke. The door opens out Vovk with his sister, telling her that she was with us, he turned the order and did say that.

The girl wrinkled, looking at us, but goes. She saw us a couple of times, and we have it too. In general, we came here, it's just today it was just after lunch. "Pivasika" took the box on the way. Well, we went into the apartment, took off his shoes. The girl asked, they say, what to do? Wash out there that either sweep. We look at each other, such, I would not need anything like that. Then Igoryok says, they say, we are going to drink beer, and she let him undress and waited on us. The girl did not understand at first, as it is to undress? And so I quietly turned the key in the lock and put it in his pocket, just in case.

Igoryok tells her, like, go into the room and takes off her clothes and gently pushes her. Well, she went into the room, stood near that same table, and we followed her from the hall to spy. The girl turned her back to us, it is worth waiting for. We are being watched, and they themselves have pisyuny vengeance spinning. Well, the girl stood a little, threw up her hands, grabbed his shirt, took off. A little more permanent. We look back on it and on the straps of her white bra. The girl unzipped his fly jeans, let them down to the floor, took off. There is such in white shorts and socks, trembling slightly. We have turned, and his eyes are tears. He says, well, I undressed. Igoryok laughed me in the ribs with his elbow pushed, responsible, socks also shoot. The girl sat down so quickly, immediately took off the socks, probably thinking that's all. We were turned. We are at her wide-eyed look. On her bra, pant, already is in full themselves. The girl stands looking at us, he presses his hands to his stomach, fingers breaks.

Then Igoryan says such pants and bodice also let shoot. The girl really stunned, and I also ofonarel. And he, like a true diplomat, rubs it, he says, it's faster debt extinguished, and they will heal again nice and quiet. Well, you know yourself, this time, the money, this theme in their family was really badly. Well, all girl grimaced and turned away, trembling even more. Latch undid her bra behind her, took off her bra. Hands grabbed for the panty elastic, quickly sat down and took off. Should this back to us, his arms wrapped around himself, just as much as squats, not looking at us. A Igoryok ran into the room, her clothes from the floor, picked up, and hid in the bathroom. In a basin for dirty clothes and put under the bathroom basin pushed.

The girl stands nose squelching, all also back to us. With one hand closes the chest, the other on his crotch placed. We entered the room together, I will fucking, jeans, we all stand a stake, count ?! The girls are so few rounds, it turns, whines, arm does not take away. Well, we are talking to her and such, like, go to my kitchen utensils. So she ran, already glittered heel ...

We went into the bathroom, took out their members and let down in the bath, and what to do ?! So in fact you can not walk? Well, vzdrochnul slegontsa like release. Let's go to the kitchen. The girl there plates already fifth time poperemyvaet, well, you know, that she was more to do, how to hide something? It is necessary to have the washing back to us, the chest is not closed, but the crotch pressed against the door. All red, crimson simply. But I still saw that her hair there are black, cool, in general!

Then we went to drink beer. And it brings us, trays, takes, almost does not hesitate, and we have it all ... obglyadeli

* * *

- And you are not its paw? And do not even think to fuck? - I asked a question, taking with a new bottle of beer table.

The room fell deathly silent. Only one could hear the thunder girl in the kitchen utensils.

- Shit, bro, do not think in kind! - Mihai said, as if making a great discovery for themselves.

- Listen, Igoryan, but we're both fuckers past, drochuny shameful! During fucking, and really not even guess - Michael slapped his knee.

Igoryok swallowed. The room quickly became naked girl, all also holding near his chest three bottles of beer. Quickly she bent down, putting the beer on the table. For a moment, his chest bared. Breast she was a small, neat. Small buds are pink, svetlenkie oreolchiki around them. I eagerly looked around for a Woman glance. Between the legs dark triangle of black, a little scrolling hair, flat tummy, thighs tightened. She quickly turned and hurried away to the kitchen.

- And how her name though? - I asked, making a sip of beer.

- Yes, to hell knows it. Olya like or Tanya - Micah said, reaching for the bottle.

- Vika - with knowledge of the matter said Igoryok relish rygnuv.

- Vick, exactly - Mihai confirmed, opening the bottle.

- Well, it will tyrkat? - Igoryok asked, wiping his mouth with his hand.

- Igoryan, I do not know ... We will not do anything? - Doubtfully handed teddy bear clutching a bottle of beer in his hand.

- Come on, what is it, well popyalitsya its razochku what to order something? Then tell her brothers, that the debt we forgive him - Igoryok again kissed the bottle.

- Well then, I "for" and who would be the first, or all at once? - Bear asked.

- Not all at once - it is not "ice", it is necessary, it is better to take turns. Let Max starts out, he kid in high esteem, he served in the army, is not something that we in the Institute zanykal - Igoryok laughed merrily.

- Now I call her - added Igoryok, slamming his hand down on the table - Vic! Bring breadcrumbs!

Almost immediately, though in the room there was Vic. Holding a bowl with crackers, low enough, almost at the level of the crotch, closing her little girl bent down, put the bowl on the table and prepared to leave. I had to take her by the wrists, he stood up, giving the girl to leave the room. Looking at me hunted beast, she again yanked his arms, trying to free herself.

No, I'm not twisting her hands and did not use physical force. I was much larger than Vicki, besides the army dragged me so bad in terms of fitness. It was all simply do not need.

- Wait - I said, getting up from the couch and pressed her to him.

My cock was already rather rose in jeans, my companions giggled appreciatively. Holding the girl's wrists, I just pulled away from her, raised his hands Vika, a little girl turned, kid showing her body. The boys roared with approval, all of them already rather arched jeans in the groin area. Once again, I glanced at insecure, open the body of the girl. He examined it all. Again, these pubic curls, belly, neat sisochki.

- Release - almost inaudibly whispered Vick, lowering his head, taking a futile attempt to free his hands.

- Maksayev, go to her room, and then we wait. Pivka is hryapnem - Igoryok Micah pushed his elbow in the ribs.

- Let's go to the room - referring to Vick, but not looking at her, I said, turning to his friends.

I led the girl to the side of the room. I can not say that it is clearly trying to escape or resist, it seems, Vick was broken a while. Having got the girl in the room, I closed the door and pulled Vick to him, clasping her buttocks. Sensing the smell of her skin, feeling the warmth of her body, I just lost my head, lost the ability to be aware in their actions.

I have not seen enough of girls, do not misunderstand me, in every sense of the word did not see.

- Well, baby, razvlechёmsya? - I whispered, poking a finger between the girl's buttocks.

- Please, do not, let go - Wick whispered, resting his hands on my chest.

I felt a finger anus Vicki, just stroked his thumb pad. Strongly pressed her to him, I lifted her off the floor a couple of times, as if dancing, whirled around and gently tossed Woman standing next to a double bed. Vick fell on his back, to spring back, rolled over, and as soon as she got up on her elbows, vzhav his shoulders as I leaned on it, covering it all is.

- Well, baby, have fun? - I whispered Vick ear, poking into her buttocks strained his groin.

- I'm a virgin - a barely audible voice she whispered, even more vzhimaya his shoulders.

I, frankly, was surprised. I did not even think that it could be even a virgin. Shit I've never been, and even the army I did not do it, but I did not want to here and so easy to retreat.

- I'll fuck you in the ass - I whispered to her, his hand unbuttoning his jeans belt.

- But then come to my friends, and for them, I can not answer - to cope with a belt, I again put his fingers between the girl's buttocks.

Groped anus, slid lower. His fingers touched the genital slits, a taboo and exciting. She even stronger pressed his head into his shoulders, clenched buttocks.

- Please do not touch me there ... I'm a virgin - she whispered again, quietly weeping.

No longer feel the girl between her legs, I rolled with it, in thought tugging at his cock. Vick continued to lie on his stomach next to me, sobbing and turning his head toward me. My cock demanded mandatory discharge. I knelt down, pulled his jeans, pulled impossibly erect penis.

- I'll take your ass now and then with all the guys of the ceiling to your account, so that they did not touch you - I said to the girl.

- Let's get up on all fours - I said, slamming his hand on the buttocks Vick.

She turned to me, her tear-stained face, sniffed and shook her head slightly. I pinched Vick the buttocks, the girl cried, and I slipped his hand between her legs, his fingers touching her labia.

- Come on, get up, I said, and now you finger to shove - not bad, but I firmly said, fingering Vika labia.

All red, girl knelt, resting in bed trembling hands, slightly arched her ass trembled. I moved in with her buttocks on his knees, pulled his fingers buttock girl spending side of his hand on Vikin anus.

- You ass soap today? - With a hint of disgust I said, further delaying the buttock Vicki and looking down to her rear hole.

- I wash every morning - almost inaudibly she said, holding back tears.

- Now let's see - supporting member of the hand, I prisobachil head of the penis to the anus Vika.

The head of my penis buried her in the back hole Vicki, all curled girl afraid moaned. With all the force spreading his hands apart buttocks girls, I literally tore her ass apart, having aimed in that whatever was to fuck in the ass this girl. The first girl in the ass.

- Relax! - I ordered, pulling the fingers of her buttocks, and leaning forward.

Vic moaned piteously, she began to pull at her fingers covered bed. My penis, anus of Damsel in tknuvshis slightly parted her head wall of the sphincter and prepared for the last spurt. Realizing that I was in the girl's ass, in the ass that intimidated, humiliated girls subdue me, I felt within himself the blaze wild lust.

- I want you to call herself the dirtiest, most vile words that only you know, and not what ... - I once again put his hand under the hairy pubis Vicky, pressing his thumb to the Damsel pussy.

- I'll fuck you in the ass, and you start with the word "I", well ?! - I leaned forward a little more.

The head of my cock slipped into a narrow maiden point. Stretching fingers Devkin buttocks, possibly spreading to the sides walls of her sphincter, I opened the way my cock in ass Vika.

- I'm rubbish! I'm a bitch! I am a whore! - Crying breathed Vic, and I pushed his dick just a little deeper into her narrow back hole.

- I shit! I ... I ... - she repeated through tears, and I clenched teeth, blowing the sweat from his brow, propihnul his penis into the anus girls exactly half.

It was painful, scary, strange, but as the same mood-elevating and exciting. Covering themselves the most vile insults, his head in his hands, Vicky ass sticking out, which I penetrated his powerful body. Releasing Vikin buttocks, I put his hand under the girl's crotch and began frantically stroking hand her pubic hair, inflamed themselves even more. Presenting yourself porn movie actor, I almost pushed his cock in ass Vika, having rested his pubis girls in the buttocks.

I was quite seem to have lost the ability to think. I decided to humiliate and finally to crush this poor creature. I decided to tell her for what she is now experiencing all the humiliation and pain.

- You are now paying the price for the favor of his brother, he told us you gave at the mercy! - I whispered, starting an active member of the move in Vika pope.

Once again, clutching the hands of a girl's buttocks, I began to ram the girl's ass, pulling a little member, and once again, the pounding inside his anus Vikin for most of your eggs. The girl is no longer covered myself cursing it only fitfully and was breathing hard, and obviously not with pleasure. Clenching his fists, biting her lip, tears, she dropped her head on the bed, black hair spread out in all directions.

With difficulty pushing his penis into her ass, I was not thinking about anything, just over and over again is imprinted in their minds the fact of anal abuse of this unfortunate Vika. The walls of the Damsel sphincter squeezed my penis, head wandered somewhere inside her rectum, brushing against the wall and I was breathing hard, caught kicks from all this.

Once again, all the way having put term in Vika's ass, I moved her hips, deliberately pushing a girl in the ass. Fun laughing, I was pushing and pushing her buttocks, watching as lying on the bed head Vicki, twitches from those of my pushing. Glancing down at Vicki divorced buttocks, spotted his dick on the eggs stuck in the anus of the girls, crying, crushed and humiliated. Leaning back, I almost went out of her anus, and again leaned forward again strongly pushed the girl's buttocks.

And then I felt the approach of detente. It was even nicer, my cock inside the narrow ass Vika started to throb. Realizing that I'm going to pour in Devkin back, I bent down, almost Vika lay on her back, grabbed her hands over his chest and very quickly twitched her hips. Wick roared through the room, gushed from her nose snot, but from my cock - sperm directly into her rectum. It was a very strange feeling, as if I obkanchivayu his penis. It was very hot and wet, I leaned back and said that the term in Devkin ass is now walks easily and almost free. Marveled this discovery, ignoring Vikin crying, I began again, with knowledge of the matter, to ram a member of her anus. Once again, he grabbed her buttocks hands once again moved his term in Vikin anus again presented himself a porn actor, it is very good I have now become all turns out.

The girl continued to roar through the room, pulling out of her ass dick, I said what I have it became wet and slippery. The edges of the maiden sphincter glistened with sperm, the sperm was even sparse hairs around the anus Vika. From what I have come into ecstasy.

- Well, friend, you like it ?! - I cried, relish shlёpnuv Vic hand on the buttocks.

The answer I served as a terrible roar of the maiden. And I continued. Before that I was on his knees with his pants down behind Devkin buttocks, now I put my right foot on the foot, pressed a knee to the thigh of the girl and started again to fuck her in the ass. Putting one hand on the wet Vikin back, the second hand I pulled her buttocks and anal abuse continued. Member still standing, moving to the back of the hole developed maiden. He heard the sniffles and flip flops - it's me with all his strength is imprinted in his groin Vika buttocks. The girl continued to howl, sniffling, and I continued to go into it all the way, at the same time pushing it in the buttocks his groin.

Having a few more thrusts, I exhaled and took his penis out of the mangled ass girls. Sphincter began to shrink, releasing themselves from the white drop of my sperm. Vic squealed, shaking all over, sphincter tensed and closed completely, gleaming jagged edges. Drops of my seed pulled down, one of them fell on the bed cover. I was holding a wet, almost fallen member, his head hung almost beside himself torn anus girls. Regretting that almost everything was over, I smoothed his wet hair short and got out of bed.

The girl collapsed on his stomach, his hands buried in his hands and sobbed pitifully. Clenched his buttocks, between them on the bed dripped a few drops. I carefully removed the dick in the pants, pulled the jeans, buttoned and tightened the belt.

- Ass Pinch entire bed obgadish - I cried out, bent over the girl, yanked her out of bed.

Put Vick on his feet, forced her to sit down a little. He grabbed her right hand and slipped it between her legs.

- Fingers Pull and they point their Clamp! And so simple! - I left sobbing Vick in such a ridiculous position: almost crouching, she held his hand between her legs, pressing his fingers to his anus.

Thirst sexual violence completely eclipsed my mind, knowing that I continue to do something disgusting, I still could not stop.

Crouched, continuing to sob, Vick has not tried to hide behind. And so it was, absurd little legs apart, naked, trembling, red and weeping. Looking at her this, my cock again gave itself felt, began to stir in my wet pants. And I wanted to bend her face to his trunk and put him in her mouth. The huge effort it cost me to stop and go to the door of the room.

- Stay here and wait. Go with boys potreschu, I tell them that the brother of the debt you gave - I threw it, opened the door and left the room.

The end of the first part.
I'm not dressed, I got in the car, just to lay on the seat, so that is still flowing from the vagina and ass sperm soiled upholstery. Misha looked at me questioningly.
- Do not get dressed. There are already a number. I know the place and the way in which one does not happen. And then I want to see how you're going to masturbate while I'm the car. Your darling because already gets? I am looking at my naked body?

Misha without words jumped on the seat, and grabbed a member of the right hand. Devouring my eyes, he exposed the red head. I started the car and set off. The road I knew by heart, and therefore, do not look away from the hands of my newfound lover, hard drochaschego his penis. His view of fornication through my body. Slides on the chest, stomach. Get down between his legs, he looked into my wet crack. At the bottom of the abdomen again arisen sweet languor. I put my hand on his crotch and fingers began to rub her clit. Spreading wet lips, exposing the inside of her pussy out.
Michael held out his left hand to my feet.
- No. I want you to continue to masturbate. I, too, will caress herself. - I said with a smile. - You do not mind?
- Did you need my consent?
- Let Jerks! I want to see how the sperm will shoot in the glove compartment.

Michael tightened his dick in his hand and quickened his pace. I rubbed her clit, looking at the movement of his hands and moaning with pleasure and desire. Misha's hand moved it, exposing it, hiding her head under the skin of the penis. Here he twisted in his seat, back straight and her head thrown back. Of the slits on the head of the penis upward jet of sperm shot. My fingers dived into the depths, already wet pussy. I shrank from, Nakata enjoyment. And stop the car.
Misha, I ran out of road at the same time!
I tilted her head to the feet Mishin and licked the head and trunk of a member of the sperm. Misha sat exhausted, threw back his head and breathed wearily.

-Well, everything. The lake! - Commanded me - to wash off the traces of our sin.
Wet from the heat, and our sexual exercise, we ran to the lake. With pleasure, we plunged into the cool water of the lake. We swam, podplyvaya, to each other. Our bodies intertwined. Horny dick rested on my crotch. We kissed each other on the lips and went under the water. Emerges, they broke away from each other. And it all began again. Our hands caressed the genitals, breasts and buttocks. Here we went ashore. I fell on my back, legs spread, exposing to the sun and Mishin view their wet, naked body and shamelessly unbuttoned pisenku. Misha fell nearby. He embraced me with one hand and began to kiss my lips.

- Integrally me all! Do not miss a centimeter of my body! Show me what is capable of your tongue!
Misha kissing down your neck. We continue to move down, kissing my sisechki.
- Come and play with his lips and teeth with papillae, - I moaned.
Michael outlined the tongue circles my nipple. I bite them excited pencils and began to suck.
- Yes! Cute! Good! Now go down to the tummy! - I'm burning with desire, but I had to teach this young guy delight woman.
- Kiss him. Spend tongue circle around and explore pupochka tongue hollow of the navel. Like this. Well done!
- No, dear, do not rush to kiss my pussy. Kissing his feet to the bottom. Suck my fingers on his feet. So. Yes. Now kiss lead or tongue on the inside of the thighs up.
Language, the inside of the thigh close to my vulva excited.
- OOOO. - I moaned. - Go through his tongue over his lips. Spread their fingers. Start tab inside. - MM!
- Good. Now, kiss lips, kiss you in the mouth. Pull them into your mouth!
- Oh yeah. Now play with the tongue clitoris. Pressing strongly tongue lick it from the bottom up. MMMM! You feel it swollen? Around his lips. You know what you like when you suck cock. Suck it like you would like to see you suck cock.
- OOOO ... mmmmmm ... YES! Like this! You are cool! Insert a finger in her pussy. And best of two! Yes! Suck the clitoris and pussy fuck with your fingers!
- OOOO. YES! YES! Faster. Come on, come on……. Do not stop, darling! More more!
Orgasm brings my body into convulsions. Buttocks are compressed at high tide orgasm. Legs crossed on your neck, pulling your head to the perineum, preventing break away from my graduating pussy. The next wave of pleasure pulls me into a stream of urine mixed with orgasm juice. I do not give you a break from me.
- Lick me all! -krichu I'm in ecstasy.
I finally let go of it on your head. You recline on the back side, panting and gasping mouth open. I watched the multitudinous languid eyes, your naked body. Erection looking at the cloudless sky. The bare red head swelled. He looks like a soldier on guard, stretched at attention.

- Do you have any more strength to move? You'll be able to fuck me? - Burning with desire, I ask. I understand that now is my turn to give you pleasure. But the sight of thy standing member leaves me longing.
I roll on the tummy and lifts the his ass.
- Spread my buns, let the saliva into the anus and paste in the ass finger. Just do not rush. Slowly. Oh yeah! Like this! Good! Fuck me with a finger. Yes Yes. LTD! Let two fingers! Like this! Oh, dear! Suppose further that the saliva in the hole! And an input member! Slowly. Insert first only the head.
A-A-A-And ... And! - Echoed my cry over the lake. - Come on. Insert all!
Your dick burst into my whole ass. And pushes it back and forth, striking the testicles on my buttocks. The movement was short-lived. You dug his hands into my ass, metering, and your warm jet of sperm hit in the interior of my ass. I also squeezed the buttocks in ecstasy. My pleasure scream merged with yours.
- AAAAAAA, OOOOOOOOO! - Screaming us, breaking the silence.

Cool bathed! - I thought, falling to the ground in exhaustion.
-It is necessary to catch your breath and gather in the street. Enough for today adventure. I have no strength, finish! And you have, in my opinion, too?
- I was now very good! I do not mind if we repeat our exercise today, even as it may be! I walked over to the car, took out her purse and wrote lipstick on your stomach your number, and signed the ANIA! I lick sperm from a member, and began to pull her skirt!
Good day !!!!!!!!!

Little-son to the father came,
And I asked pipsqueak:
"How to decipher the letters on the uniform of sailors?"
And he answered his father-Moreman:
"SF (Northern Fleet) - Northern Fleet;
TF (Pacific) - The same fleet;
BF (Baltic) - Was the Navy;
BSF (Black Sea) - The Navy Chi, Chi is not fleet. "

There was my idea - to talk about the episodes of my personal life, sex process in which, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired, to say the least ...

Episode 1. The Snow Queen, or Ina sauna.

    What I needed this meeting - no brainer. But why her? Bask in old bones, or what? Judge for yourself.

    Somehow many years ago, snowy frosty winter, I was in Moscow. Days of stay were few cases - a little more, and mamboankete scanty correspondence ensued with only one woman. Her name was Ina, age from 35 to 40 photos (and correspondence) left an impression of the former athletes, volleyball and handball, has not exactly say. The family of her situation did not penetrate (seems to have been married, because in some hours told her not to call), the intimate details of sexual life quizzed (somehow very quickly became self-evident that the interest we have only a single meeting for sex) and we had a few phone calls to find out who is in what time, in what area and how long it will be free.

    Finally we decided. Saturday (or Sunday) day, about noon, near the metro station "so and so". With the help of newspaper ads find nearby sauna and order there is room for two hours.

    I waited for her for long, just a few minutes, there was no freeze on the cold and become indignant reasons. From the subway and went leisurely pace closer to the fence of the underpass near where I stood, a very high (even thought, which in FIG volleyball player, there is a real basketball player) woman mowing under the Snow Queen white coat, white hat, white boots. And look also some indifferent frozen, do not see no excitement before the first meeting with a stranger, do not show any emotion when meeting personally, as if a hundred times already held such a meeting (indeed, why not?).

- Where we are going? - She asks after an exchange of greetings and its favorable nod to my fascination with a compliment about her appearance.
- In the sauna. Here next to the road just go.

    The sauna orders a beer with some fish snack, besides specifying the waiter, that was cold. "Well, exactly the Snow Queen - flashed in my mind - a cold beer in the winter, there is a need. But why such a lover of cold hot sauna. " I order coffee. I drink and smoke, staring at her without the clothing.

    From white wardrobe (turtleneck and leggings) knocked out only a dark red short skirt. Ornaments also are present: gold chain, a pair of rings, earrings, but also some kind of faded, not conspicuous, not to attract attention. Makeup zero, and hairstyle also zero - pale yellow hair tousled, tangled under warm hat.

    But all this is - nonsense. I never paid attention to the symptoms of female beauty for me is much more important a warm feeling, lively dialogue, mutual interest, mutual desire fluids coming into the conversation before the first sex. But they are not.

    Undressing. No eroticism. As if I was her coach or doctor on duty is present before the performance. The body is beautiful, no doubt. But some cold marble beauty to which you want to watch, but do not want to touch. Nevertheless, I go up, hug, kiss. Ina does not repel me, and do not shirk, and waits patiently until I let her out of his embrace.

    Shower, steam room, swimming pool. Then another pool, this time with warm water. Only then Inna thaws slightly, responds to my jokes, squirting water, in response to my pressing-tiskaniya itself too lightly touches my body with his hands. But - do not kiss on the lips, does not penetrate his fingers between her legs and quickly interrupts suckling. I was a little excited, wanted her, desired her body and herself. Trying to do something insolently, brute force, and - oppa ... I understand that I can not. Not only morally, but also physically I will not be able to coerce what she does not want his consciousness and his body trained.

    This cycle is repeated twice more. Shower, steam room, swimming pool with cold water, warm water pool. The cold detachment in the first three places, exactly like in doing the exercise, aimed at achieving a particular result, the athlete. And easy relaxation in the fourth, but firmly keeping in mind the acceptable and unacceptable things.

    Sexual contact, in any form, as I understand, today, is not included in the objectives of Ina. Why, then, I came to the meeting? And now so it breaks off me? Photos she saw me, height and weight, marital status and place of residence listed in the questionnaire. That is not to suggest that I have something of her deceived and disappointed in their expectations, and this led to a loss of sexual interest.

    Trying not to show his growing irritation, I try to ask what's wrong, that it prevents to relax and get a normal, healthy fun. The answer is paradoxical (if not ironic):
- And what is wrong? It's okay, DD, relax, soared, have fun.
- But I want more, Ina! It seems, and you and I stood in the questionnaire item about sex.

    Allegedly without hearing a word about sex, Inna continues:
- I am pleased, thank you for the invitation. Thank you for not dismiss his hands. Thank you for a normal man, you know that a woman can not just open. Over time - the first time the Snow Queen deigned to smile - all can be.

    Yeah, eventually. About time, about morals!
    And what to do, suffer? Christ suffered and told us?
    And options are available? And where did you get away from a submarine?

    It remains for 10-15 minutes prior to the expiration of our time in the sauna. Our last stay in the warm pool. A side there hung a little thing such as a shower, but not suspended motionless above, and which can be held in the hands and direct the stream of water, adjusting the arm making it warm or cold, strong or weak. Such is the peculiar combination of the bathroom and the swimming pool. And the pool - a strong word, rather, it was a big jacuzzi bath than construction, which come to mind when the word.

    In general, Inna sits on the edge of the vannobasseyna, and I stood there, massaging her body jet shower this rolling. Empirically I have determined that it considers an attack on sex (kissing on the lips, moving off and sucking nipples, touching and penetration between the legs), and everything else belongs quietly. However, it is impossible to finger, it is possible to water. And so jet shower massages her nipples and after a while she puts her feet and I masturbate her clitoris, the first time in his life when faced with the prohibition to touch it, not a finger or a member, not the language or the lips, and in the distance, running water.

    Member quite adequately respond to this kind of novelty and attractive look, finally straightening in his entire article. As there was a joke - "a pitiful semblance of his left hand"? ))) Retractable shower jets which I caress Inna, in my right hand. A left I masturbate his own cock, devouring eyes porozovevshee body Inna with lusty legs spread, lashed out dark, almost black, nipples, watching her nostrils and frequent breathing, catching up and adjusting your orgasm, because I see that Ina is already ready and I have not.

    From a literary point of view, it would be right to finish our story simultaneous orgasm. But alas, life is not fiction, and I write the real history of intimate, so in fairness I must say that simultaneity was not. Inna has finished, took the side of my hand with shower, brought his feet and just sat, resting until I play a member. But, of course, not for long. For half a minute or a minute - finally broke out of the sperm duct, cursing along the way ne'er owner or dissolute athlete for a long wait-prokisaniya, watered tummy Ina few splashes and was immediately washed with water.
The rapidly developing relationship with Pavel Vladimirovich could not scare.
The man, tall, dark, with light eyes, without the characteristic markings and quite inconspicuous from the outside, Uncle. He lives on a couple of floors above me. He has a wonderful family, a wife and two children. We often meet in the elevator in the morning, he goes to work, I'm in college. I never noticed anything strange in his behavior, the same as and hotel neighbors with their problems and affairs.
One day, returning home from college, I wandered down the street to the house, remembering the past, the last couple of Informatics. She teaches a young teacher, and all the girls let him drool and today instead of the job, on a pair, I dreamed of something different. Suddenly, I pulled my hand and had to be postponed for a time, his thoughts. It was Pavel, he caught up with me and said hello a few times, but did not respond to him, I wandered forward and explaining that worried, I decided to make sure everything was in order, he straightened his shoulder. I smiled at him blankly, and we went together to the house. Pavel constantly asking me questions, asked, How do you do, like to learn from a new place, about which subjects and hobbies I like. Catch a response, I was embarrassed and tupila gaze on their own feet, as if hypnotizing, so they quickly brought me to the house and it quickly ended.
We went into the entrance, pressed floor and went up. PV excitedly looked at me, explaining his behavior to my distraction.
-Tell the parents that got accustomed to you. View is not healthy ...
-Well, how come, I say. Now all the work, no one is home.
-Lena, so it will not work. Come on, go up to us to play with my tomboy, pobudesh supervised. And how come yours, I'll walk you to the door, it would be better - he said this, he seemed to have decided for myself that something very important, but I just nodded confidently.
I did not resist and was not afraid. We have known for a long time, especially as the prospect to spend the evening at home alone, I am not pleased.
Opening the door, Pavel missed me, he entered and shut the door.
-Hello, hooligans! - He threw an empty apartment feigned speech. -Razdevaysya And tested, you'll feed right now. I think guys have not come to school, and my Annie went to the hospital.
On the street was a pleasant weather and also shoes, I had nothing to shoot. Thin sundress length just above the knees, nice hugs the body, from which in such weather was not hot. Throwing the bag on a pouf, to wash their hands wandered. All the time we walked up to the house, I was like in a fog, and now I covered the feeling of incomprehensible anxiety and uncertainty.
-I'm home, an adult male, and except for us no one - I thought, and blushed.
It was an unexpected adventure that I liked, but I knew it was just my imagination, and I'm safe. Going into the kitchen and sat down at the table, Pavel gave me a mug of hot tea, but noticed my excitement and treacherous red cheeks, he asked about my well-being, highlighting the changes in appearance. I am trying as far as possible to hide a silly their inventions, and even more nervous by this quietly replied that I do not know, and, lowering his eyes to the floor, trying to take a mug in his hands. Pavel came close to me, looked straight into his eyes. I was scared. Suddenly, he took me by the chin and abruptly lifted my head.
Standing directly transferred to me and holding my chin raised up, he drilled me his rather hungry look.
- You've got a boy ?! Are you all serious? I wanted to get up and run away, but he was standing so close, looming over me, I was squeezed in a corner of the table between them, so that all that I got it squirmed helplessly in this trap. As soon as I would begin to beg me not to touch it, not allowing me to start, he said:
- Fear not, sweet, I will not hurt you. Quite the contrary ... You will like it. You suck dick her boy, tell me?
Dying of shame, holding back tears, all that I could, just shook his head. Yes, I have, like many girls from school, the boy was already. I'm in my early start to grow breasts, and many of my friends envied me. In addition, at the time I was painted in a bright blonde and it all left me the attention of classmates and peers. Fans I have always lacked. But I did not allow them too much. Basically just kissing. Well, of course it was nowhere to hide from lapane. But since all our meetings are mainly held in the places where we could constantly see: on a bench in the park, at the entrance, the staircase in the movie, all this does not go too far. Of course, I like it when my boy, stroking my legs legs under the skirt or crushed chest through clothing. But I've never let him get into any panties or showed bare breasts, though he constantly begged and pleaded with it. And indeed, I have never touched his penis except through clothing. Although he and my massage this is enough to finish.
I must say that among my girlfriends, it was thought that sucking dick is the lot of fallen women, and it is unworthy and degrading. No, of course, I often thought about what it would be fun to try. But on this account I had vaguely vague representation. I imagined a hypothetical "man of my dreams." Some vaguely unspecified muscular and tall blond with blue eyes. And all the action in my opinion was in some sugary romantic taste. That sunset on a tropical beach. That bearskin, the fireplace in the old castle. But certainly not in the stairwell of a classmate and close to the kitchen at the family upstairs neighbor. Meanwhile, the reality of strong hands of Paul V. cruelly reminded of itself.
He patted me on the head, saying that he would not hurt, and began to unbutton his pants. I had to get up, hit him and run away from there, but if I was paralyzed. Watching the scene, I do not believe that now it is happening to me ...
-And now, darling, do me good. Suck me, a little. - Pronouncing, he pulled my head to his penis, separation finger of the other hand, my mouth and slowly penetrated into me. Balancing on the verge of hysteria and fainting, I resisted his movements forward. And he only uttered unintelligible growl slowly ramming my mouth. Picking up the pace, I began to crawl on a chair from a lack of air, but it only whetted Pavel Vladimirovich. It jerky movements skewer my head on his cock. I find it difficult to understand how much time has passed, dizzy, and was stuffy. Finally, after what seemed an eternity and humiliating squelch champ, he began to publish a contented grunt and groan, and in my mouth, sprayed jets of sticky tart, salty mucus. Reflex I swallowed a few times, but then the whole mouth. All of the palate and tongue inside me were plastered with sticky this trash, and I immediately choked and coughed. However, he did not rush to pull the penis and even cough, I had a member in the mouth.
In the end, he let me spit out his mouth puckered blowers slippery worm. From his end to my lips stretched disgusting white thread of his sperm and my saliva. Pavel fastidiously wiped them on my hair and stood watching me with an expression of superiority and self-righteousness. I did not know what to do under his insolent stare. She sat, wiping his face tears and saliva. I tried to swallow the sticky lump in my throat.
He condescendingly patted me on the cheek, smiling and looking brazenly in the eye.
-Because you grew great huesoska, Lena. Do not worry, men love it ... You're doing fine, sweet. And like any whore for her work to pay the money, behold, this is for you - it took from the purse a few bills and put the power of my hand - thank you, Belle. Go home and put themselves in order.
He took me by the arm, helped her up and dragged her into the hallway. - Can I have ... at least to wash! As such, I will go home ?! - Burning with shame, I stammered, feeling that on the face, dry the remnants of sperm and saliva, pulling the skin. - Nothing personal, okay look - said Paul V. dissatisfied. - Soon my back. Not enough yet, that they saw you here. Hardly moving his feet with cotton, I shod, grabbed her bag and walked out the door. Closing the door behind me, he said that this will be our little secret, and no one must know about and do it myself, I seduced him. It was a stab in the back ...
Close to the bathroom, I wept. I could not for a long time to wash off all the dried muck from his face, I was unpleasant and humiliating ... sob in his voice. It was hurt and ashamed, I could not believe that all this happened to me some time ago, in my head was the confusion ...
How such a thing could have happened ?! What a fool I am for this ... Yes, of course I was interested to play with rebyatney, but I saw that the houses and anyone, in fact, I do not know this man! Of course he meant to exemplary family man credible naive girl, but who he was? Rapist? I'm not even resist! Like so ... He just went and did what he wanted, so still and called me a whore! For what ... Of course! Suck in unfamiliar neighbor is not floss ... What have I done?! ??!?!
More than once I have to face in the elevator with his wife and kids - I'm going to look into their eyes ?! And suddenly this bastard will tell all to his wife, and she will look askance at me? Tears and insult there is no limit, it is very unpleasant to be in this situation ...
But things did not end at that. The money that I gave Pavel Vladimirovich, first I just wanted to throw it away. Then I wanted to watch for him and throw him in the face and smug false to say that I am not a prostitute. But then for some reason I went out and bought them a good DVD player, which had long dreamed of. On the very same money that I put into his hands, and put out the door like a lost woman! And she thought about it I am constantly haunted.
In college girlfriends and a brand new player is not left unattended, and any attempt to find out where my expensive bauble, I blushed and told everyone in different ways. The strange thing is that most of all I wanted to say the truth - suck !!!
Moreover, I found this even some perverse pleasure. Owning a subject that has earned ... so ... something in this definitely was.
All the girls wanted it so talked about it, but I, he appeared! So it was cool to look at their sour disgruntled mine at the sight of my new bling!)))) Only here my admiration quickly disappeared when he heard them stupid questions, who gave it to me, / like .... bought Red cheeks, rapid breathing and ... the very longing and heat in the lower abdomen, which had previously appeared only in the crimping with my boy.
I became part of the scroll everything that had happened in my head and even a couple of times while masturbating memories about it. I have not asked myself how I behave when Pavel again want to repeat.
Oh, never! OKS! Are you ready to give him money ???? !!!!! Calm down, you hear me ?!
The mind is right, but because, on the other hand, there is nothing wrong ... In fact, I was pleased, so also gave money! I wonder how everyone can make me? ....
As time passes, one thought after another, for the days are days, but does not become quieter. I do not know why I always think about it. I do what I must now consider. Yes, he did everything by force. But he paid me money, and I took them. I spend it on myself and I liked it.

I wanted to tell my girlfriend, but I knew that she did not understand and did not want it to become loose even someone.
So you want someone to share
This story happened with Kate. That's how she told me about it:

At eighteen, I was always strapped sophomore, I could not work, because it was in my day, and at noon I have no one took. And one friend advised me to go with her to the Go-Go dancer in a small group, which served corporate parties on weekends.

For some time I hesitated, because dances were a stripper, but then decided, because the girlfriend assured that there is no sex, and hands it to no one touches.

Coach - a tall young man - looked at me and was pleased with my appearance: light brown hair, blue eyes, a narrow waist and long slender legs. Then he closed the door to the room and said:

- Undress-ka to the panties. We strip artist, if you do not know.

I obediently pulled off his shirt and pulled her jeans. Then, embarrassed, she undid her bra. My high breasts popped out and nipples immediately stiffened. The coach smiled:

- Well done, beautiful breasts. Come on, turn around.

I turned.

- Beauty! I danced ever?
- Yes, the school went to the dance.
- Excellent, quickly grabbed means. Get dressed.

I picked up the bra and covering her breasts, zastёgivaya it.

- Do not forget to trim it properly, - the coach pointed in the direction of my pants - men love to watch.

Embarrassed nod, I reached for the jeans.


I had to attend three weeks of training almost every evening until I learned a few movements on the pylon and mastered the plastic strip. And finally on the nearest Saturday evening I was put on leave at corporate.

I came last with a solo number in a suit "schoolgirl": polurasstёgnutaya blouse, short skirt, white socks and shoes simple. It was my first performance outside of the gym and I could feel the whole skin, the men look at me like I devour my body looks. Overhangs down in the classic position - straight legs wide apart and sent to the room - I felt like touching attitudes of men to a narrow strip of my white pants, which they are now looking at.

I quickly looked around the room - oh yes, everyone looked to me exactly there. More precisely there, a man was staring into my eyes, so that I involuntarily smiled. Change of position - and here I looked away and show everyone his ass - skirt flew up and her ass is not hiding anything.

A strip was surprisingly easy. Want to see my breasts, barely covered a tiny T-shirt - here! Well, how do you it? Want to see me in a thong-thin ropes - please, I even lowered from slightly. And here's widely spaced legs, admire on health.

When the number was over, I quickly ran behind the scenes, trying to cope with emotions. Dance like this, seducing strangers turned out to be a very exciting experience and very exciting. I'm all wet and if dreaming about hot male arms. And then I called the coach.

- Kate, wait a minute.
- Yes? - I went to him.
- There is an order for a lap dance with a full strip. A thousand dollars, plus any gifts, what the client wants. Would you agree?

I thought, and the trainer read the doubt on my face.
- No, no sex, you do not think about it. Just dance in front of him?
- But he's so much to pay? For what?
- You're only eighteen years old, and he wants you probably agreed. Come on? I'll take you and pick then.
- And let me see him?

We looked out of the scene and the coach pointed to the very man who so carefully looked me in the eye.

Well, okay. I dressed in a short blue dress, high heels, got into the car and off we went.

Large country house surprised me with its rich decoration. Weight of expensive wood furniture, tall doors and windows, fluffy carpets. A man met us at the entrance, it was obviously at home alone.

- Jura - he gave me his hand and my hand was drowned in his big hand. - Come on.

I smiled at how to courteously
- Kate.
- I'll wait in the car - said the coach behind me. I heard footsteps, and the door shut behind me.

We went into the house and down the stairs down to the basement, if you can call it. There was found a cozy and a little gloomy room entertainment. Stereo, TV on the wall, mini-bar, a couple of chairs, a king size bed and six-pylon against the wall.

- You really eighteen? - Suddenly, Jura said.
- A? Yes, it is true, I'm a sophomore.
- You have a very beautiful legs, are slender, just lovely - he said.
- Thank you.
- Show me what you can do them, - and he nodded toward the pylon.

I pulled the disc from the recorder, which brought with it and gave it to Yuri.
- Turn on the third track, please?

As he put the drive, I took a position at the pole. Corrected dress, hairstyle, and began:
I swam to him, slowly pulling off his clothes, and alternately excited, then frightened: I'm alone in the house with a big strong man, which I am actively seduce her body. Like a mouse who dances in front of a cat instead of all the running.

When to me there were only panties and bust, I went from the pole to the chair, where he sat and Yuri started dancing quite close to him, almost sitting down on his lap. I leaned so close that she felt the pleasant smell of his hair, when he let down his chest in front of his face.

Taking off her panties, I turned to him and bent her ass wide apart by the letter L. feet Jura obviously appreciated my efforts because I heard a low voice, "mmm, what a beauty." More I never allowed myself so dissolute disclosed directly in the face of a man, and the thought of my intimate lips filled excitement fever.

I twisted her ass in front of his face moved apart buttocks writhing around the entire chair and squeezed her breasts, teasing Yuri its elastic pink nipples. When I bent down again, showing him her ass and disclosed petals in all its glory, he suddenly put his hands on my hips. I froze, not knowing how to react.

He patted me on the buttocks first, then on the inside of the thigh from the knee upwards until the perineum. It was very nice and I faintly trembled at his touch. Then he covered my hand with a damp sponge and held them downward sweeping motion. I arched back of the cat.

- Kate, are you all techёsh - I heard. - Let me help you relieve stress, and you give me?

Before answering, I paused, inhaled and exhaled, calming down. The desire to fill me:

- Okay, but only in a condom.
- There is.

He pulled me by the hips, sat back on his lap and hugged me to his chest. My nipples ached from how hard he squeezed them, and in my shoulders and neck, poured hot kisses. I gave herself into the power of men.

A minute later we were already in bed. I lay, arms and legs, and he took off his clothes and looked longingly at my tanned body. More in a moment he was lying to me, and I felt like he pushes his hot strong dick between my legs.

His cock was a little thicker than my previous guy, and it was very nice. I like how Yuri imperiously over me, holding me and making a strong and measured thrusts her hips. It is not really cared about my feelings and just drive in my own resilient member until it stops. I closed my eyes and threw men's hips with their feet and merged with it in a single motion.

Jura suddenly clasped me in his arms and pressed his weight to the bed. Even through the condom, I felt his cock throbbing, pushing hot clots of sperm somewhere in the back of my body. Yura made several short and slow movements froze on me, resting.

Then he got off me and sat on the edge of the bed, took a cigarette case from the nightstand and lit a thick Havana cigar. I, too, sat up in bed and looked around for something to drink. Jura misunderstood my mind: "Would you?" - He asked and pointed to the cigar.

I nodded, and he suddenly climbed on the bed and took my one knee, pushing my legs. He took out a cigar from his mouth, turned it, and plunged it into my wet end of the vagina. He grinned, wiggled it in me until it was completely wet, and then pulled out and offered me a cigarette. I took in a mouth wet from my juices cigar and delayed.

She was strong, I nearly choked. I wonder what it was? I remembered my friend once told me about how her boyfriend asked her to hold her own in the mouth panties during sex. Men sometimes such strange fantasies.

Jura leaned over, picked up the cigar with two fingers I was holding in his mouth, and slowly wiggled it back and forth.
- Hint understand?

It took me a cigar, he sat down in a chair and nodded at his flaccid penis. I realized.

Raspolozhivshivs between his legs, I licked the skin around the penis and testicles, kissed the inner surface of his feet and began to gently lick the scrotum. A member was still sluggish and quite small - I folded his lips and sucked it into his mouth, then just squeezing his lips, then sucking. Gradually I was able to immerse in the mouth and penis, and testicles, so it is buried her nose in his pubic hair.

Several times I captured a member of the mouth with eggs, lick everything around them and carefully licked the testicles themselves, until Jura smoked, and his cock slowly gaining strength. Soon I had already busy licking and hot trunk, kiss and suck a smooth head, and I'm sure it did. The pleasant heat of the male member was given in my palms, hugged him, and smooth head as if she slipped on the tongue.

Yuri closed his eyes, enjoying. Then he took me by the shoulder, raised and have to sit on his lap. I took the condom, roll it on the slippery saliva from my cock and fell on top of him. My lips were still very sensitive after the previous times, and it felt very good.

I carefully began to move up and down, not forgetting to try to squeeze me in stenochku vonzёnny member and Jura smoking a cigar with relish looking at me and sometimes my hand clutching his chest. I suddenly felt clearly that I'm serving it with his body, to sit down and massaging his penis like a sex slave as a concubine of the harem. He pays me for it, but I try for him. This idea excited me.

When I once again stopped to poёrzat hips on his hips, he lifted me up and have me stand on all fours. I obediently knelt and bent. Yuri fell in behind and I felt his finger pushed me in the ass.

- No, I must not go there - I twitched, trying to lose his finger.
- I'll still give the top three hundred, my girl. Do not worry, it will not hurt.
- Well, - I said after a brief pause after and prepared.

He had oiled my ass some cool gel. His fingers gently pressed through the elastic of my hole and I could feel them inside, smoothing my hypersensitive stenochki. He twisted and twirled his fingers in my ass, until she was quite slippery, so that his fingers are easy to dive at the slightest pressure.

I felt the head of his penis touched the center of my holes, and has been a member of all squeezed into a resilient input. I must admit I only twice before this guy allowed to enter my ass, and every time it was not a very pleasant experience. And then a hot cock was already bursting inside me, and I could not do anything.

However, the grease removed any pain, I just felt a pleasant feeling of fullness, like the one when a member fills the vagina, but even more sharp and clearly. I wanted to Jura introduced a member of the full length and stopped, letting me feel it, but he slowly moved his hips back and forth, almost slipping head out of my ass - and I felt it in its entirety, and could even slightly compress muscles - immersing the member in depth, so that his balls slapped me on the lips sex.

Hot feeling of pleasure began to build in me and I groaned for real, until Jura vigorously almost fucked my virgin ass. Hot slap suddenly went down on my buttocks and I gasped, curled. Another slap, still - burning buttocks and Jura continued jumping on me, ramming a member of my poor, from the burning butt blows.

Orgasm freewheeling almost suddenly and I screamed, writhing on the elastic ass male member. Jura did not stop for a moment and after a few minutes he had finished. Squeezed my thighs with his feet, he stopped and stood for a few seconds.

Then he took a member, turned me around and pointed to the head of the sperm head bathed in a condom:
- Take off and lick.

I dutifully pulled the condom gently took in his mouth head - I know, men are very sensitive after orgasm! - Hot lips and she collected a drop of sperm. She showed them the Jura on his tongue and smiled and carefully swallowed. Then he licked the head again, and another and another, until she did not limp in my mouth. I finally licked Yura's testicles and stood up.

I pulled her panties, found her bust and became its fasten. Yuri was not dressed, and just watching me. Then he reached for his wallet:
- Here, take it.

He handed me a wad of greenbacks. I approached, he grabbed my hand on the buttocks and squeezed them, running his fingers under her panties.

- More will come, Katya?
- I do not know how to say.
- Here's my phone call, if you suddenly will be free in the evening. And give me your number.

I scribbled on a napkin your name and phone number. I suddenly felt uneasy. Excitation subsided and I felt like a dirty whore used, the most common street prostitute. I went to the door, hiding his eyes and awkward goodbye.


The coach understood everything at a glance, and even sympathized with my experiences. "Do not worry," - he said, - "almost all the girls are doing, there is no such thing itself think, how men can in front of you, so beautiful to resist.?"

I did not say anything. At home, I spent in the bathroom, probably a few hours, washing off of other people's touch, now seemed so unpleasant. But then gradually I got used to their memories, so that when the Jura called again, I was willing to come and do whatever he wants. Everything-everything.